6 Common Hyundai Accent Ignition Coil Problems

Have you ever experienced some Hyundai Accent ignition coil problems?

Not many people may recognize these problems, yet they are important and crucial to the performance of your vehicle.

Your Hyundai Accent’s ignition coils are responsible for taking the 12-volt current in your batteries and converting this into a higher voltage. Thus, it results in fuel ignition that starts your engine.

However, when you have problems with ignition coils, this can cause problems. It is often due to either a low or very high voltage in your batteries. When this happens, your car will go through certain problems that can impact its performance and longevity.

What are these ignition coil problems in a Hyundai Accent? Here are the top 6 issues you need to know.

hyundai accent ignition coil problems

Hyundai Accent Ignition Coil Problems

If you notice that your car’s performance has been inconsistent, or your driving has become troublesome, it may be that the ignition coil is not at its best. Check out these signs of Hyundai Accent ignition coil problems and what you can do about these.

1. Bad Fuel Economy

When ignition coils are experiencing issues, your vehicle’s fuel economy is impacted. This is why you may be observing a lower mileage, which is likely due to a failure in your ignition coil.

2. Backfiring

If the ignition coil problem is only at its early stage, then some backfiring may occur when you drive your car. The best way to detect this issue is when you notice black smoke emitted through your exhaust pipe. Aside from the smoke, you may also smell gasoline that is a potential symptom of ignition coil problems.

3. Jerking Engine And Poor Power

Have you been observing certain issues when accelerating such as jerking, rough idling of your engine, and the like? The best way to describe this is a reduction in power when you drive. If so, then you may want to get your ignition coils checked.

4. Vehicle Stalling

A clear sign that your ignition coil is not at its pristine performance is when your vehicle stalls. This occurs due to irregularities in the sparks that the plugs receive. Faulty coils are to blame in this situation. Additionally, some cars even shut off entirely when you come to a temporary stop. Restarting is a difficult ordeal.

5. Hard Starting The Engine

Another symptom of Hyundai Accent ignition coil problems is some issue with starting the engine. If your vehicle only has one coil, then starting the engine can be very difficult. Your engine will continue to crank without sparks in the cylinders, which causes a hard start.

6. Check Engine Light Switches On

Lastly, you may notice that your check engine light may suddenly turn on as you drive. If this is the problem you observe, then it is best to get the check engine light inspected.

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Getting Hyundai Accent Ignition Coil Problems Fixed

It can be quite inconvenient to experience these problems with the ignition coil. Fortunately, you can simply head over to a professional mechanic to get this issue fixed. In some cases, it should not cost you over $100, depending on how cheap the coils are. But in some instances, expect to pay $300 upwards.

Aside from the materials, you have to factor in labor costs, which can run between $50 and as much as 100 hourly. In total, you should prepare about $150 up to $200 when getting the vehicle fixed by a professional. While the price point may be a tad steep, you can be sure that the problems are addressed well to put an end to these ignition coil concerns with your Hyundai Accent.

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