The Best Hyundai Accent Spark Plug Gap You Need To Know

Perhaps you are wondering about the recommended Hyundai Accent spark plug gap for your vehicle.

A less-than-ideal gap can cause certain problems such as issues with the spark plugs over time, or a weaker spark that fails to ignite a charge.

With all these things in mind, you might want to consider checking if the gap is just right to make sure all things are running well. Keep reading to learn more!

hyundai accent spark plug gap

Hyundai Accent Spark Plug Gap

Gapping refers to setting the right distance to your spark plugs. When there is very little gap, this leaves very little room for ample air and fuel mixture to reach the ground strap and electrode. Hence, nothing ignites in case the plug tries to fire.

But if there is a very large gap, the spark becomes too weak and will fail to ignite.

So, what exactly is the ideal gap then?

In the case of the Hyundai Accent, it is best to gap the plugs at 0.055 up to 0.060 inch. When gapped this way, you can expect a good result with the spark.

Some can go about 0.044 inch, which is the minimum. When you go lower than that, you may notice that your car runs sluggishly.

Dangers Of Wrong Spark Plug Gap

There are many other things that can go wrong with an incorrect spark plug gap.

For instance, when it is a very narrow gap, or under the manufacturer’s specifications, there is also a decrease in the air fuel mixture necessary between the ground strap and the hot tip. Thus, there’s also a reduction in the travel distance of the spark’s duration. As a result, it is not hot enough and with insufficient charge needed to ignite your vehicle’s air-fuel mixture.

You will notice some signs of a narrow gap such as a constant cylinder miss and hard starting, as well as engine hesitation and a rough idle. It is also possible for the spark plug to fail firing and may appear wet or blackened when inspected with the naked eye. This means that the fuel is unburned.

On the other hand, too much gap happens when the voltage has far too long to travel. Hence, the spark travel ends up weakening it and having insufficient strong and hot charge needed for the plug to fire up.

Common results of having too much plug gap include cylinder misfiring, black pugs, rough idle, no-start condition, and others. Due to age and wear, an excess in spark plug gap may occur.

Fortunately, you can use certain tools to gap your spark plugs correctly.These include a sliding bevel, pliers, and wire type, which can help you to gauge and ensure the right distance between electrode contact sections. You can also try to tap down the electrode’s outer ground using a hammering tool.

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Bottom Line

Establishing the right spark plug gap is important in ensuring the proper performance of your vehicle. Be sure to take note of the right gap and have a professional check into it to make sure everything is in order, so you won’t end up experiencing further issues in the long run.

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