Hyundai Locked Keys In Car? Try These Tips!

Worried about your Hyundai locked keys in car? Before you start to panic, do realize that it’s something you can fix – even without professional help, in some cases!

Locking your keys in the car can happen to anyone. Unfortunately, you just happened to be one of them. But the good news is that there are simple and oftentimes, cheap techniques you can try to open your car door without breaking it.

If you’re ready to get started, then here are our tips on how to solve this common – yet frustrating – dilemma.

Hyundai Locked Keys In Car – What You Can Do

Some people opt to contact the police to unlock their car when in an emergency, especially if their pet or child is inside the vehicle.

But do note that while they respond faster than your trusted locksmith, their system is rather invasive. And by that, we mean, quite damaging to the vehicle.

Police or fire department officers will simply break the glass window to unlock your vehicle. In some cases, they may use some kind of a thin metal type of a device to unlock the door. While they are responsive, they certainly will not pay for the damaged window.

Another thing that some people do is contact roadside assistance during a Hyindai locked keys in car situation. But as for the fees, it can be a bit steep in some cases. Some services such as the AAA offer a free lockout annually and the rest will be at a fixed price.

However, if you don’t have a membership, be prepared to pay for this service out of pocket. The same is true when you have locked yourself out a few times a year.

Cheap And Simple Way To Unlock Your Car Without A Key

cheap and simple way to unlock your car without a key

So, if you want to save money – and not risk getting your windows smashed – then you may want to try these tips. Here are effective ways to solve an issue with a Hyundai locked keys in car:

1. Shoelace

This is an old technique that appears to work in some cases even in today’s modern vehicles. Simply undo your shoelace, tie a slipknot right in the middle, so there’s a loop about the size of the index finger.

Wiggle your shoelace on the corner of the side door (driver’s side) and make sure the slip knot reaches the seam of the door. Hold your shoelace with two hands in a motion as though you’re flossing a massive tooth.

As you keep doing this, the slip knot will move down the window and to the lock of your door. Maneuver the shoelace loop over the door lock and pull the ends of your string to make the loop tighter.

Once the grip around the lock is quite solid, pull up gently on it and voila – this unlocks your door.

2. Wedge

Another thing you can try is an inflatable or curved window wedge. It is a bit tricky to use, though, as it may cause some damages to your car window. However, when used the right way, it can actually work well.

Pull the top of your door frame using a pry tool. Then, push the window wedge right in to hold the frame of your car door out. Grab a rod or a coat hanger, which pushes the door’s unlock button. Whether you have a new or old Hyundai car model, this technique should work and is worth a try.

3. Bobby Pin

It may seem old school but it definitely works all the time. Bend your pin gently at a 90-degree angle. Using the second pin, pull it apart and bend the other tip.

The first pin’s bent side goes into the lock while the second pin is what you use to stick right into the door lock. Keep the first pin steady while you move the other pin around until the lock clicks open.

But when done incorrectly, this can cause damage to your vehicle. So be very careful to prevent such problems that may end up being an expensive fix!

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Final Thoughts

hyundai locked keys in car

Getting your Hyundai locked keys in car can be a frustrating issue, yet it happens many times to certain drivers.

This is why to prevent such headaches and complications, it is worth keeping a spare key in a secure place. You can also try to have these simple tools handy just in case you don’t have a spare key and you prefer a cheaper way to unlock your vehicle.

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