Fender Vs Quarter Panel Comparison

If you are wondering about the difference between these two vehicle parts, our fender vs quarter panel comparison should clear things up for you.

Car parts can be overwhelming for the average person. After all, there are so many terminologies to keep up, which can be confusing. This is why we are here to give you a basic understanding of these parts and what you can do to keep them in good condition. 

Primarily, these are parts of your vehicle’s body. The quarter panel is responsible for covering your car’s rear side while the fender covers your wheel well. But there is more to these parts, which we will discuss in this post. So, let’s get started.

fender vs quarter panel

Fender Vs. Quarter Panel

Let’s start with the quarter panel. Now, this component is a part of the outer surface covering your vehicle’s rear portion. This includes the taillight and all the way to the back window. It also helps to keep the wheels protected while offering support to your trunk lid. 

This part of your car houses external parts of your taillights such as the turn signal and the brake light. Furthermore, there may be an opening or a vent that enables hot air to escape from your engine. 

There are different types of material used to make quarter panels, and among the common ones include carbon fiber, fiberglass, and fiber-reinforced plastic. But the most common one is sheet metal. Once the body of your vehicle is made, manufacturers weld the quarter panel on.

So, if you are looking to replace your quarter panel, it needs to be taken out of your vehicle and then reinstalled securely. 

There are many reasons why a quarter panel is important for your vehicle. For instance, it keeps your vehicle’s structure solid while promoting safety to passengers. In the case of a frontal collision, your quarter panel absorbs impact, which protects you and other people in the vehicle.

Additionally, this component prevents your vehicle’s entire back end from collapsing in the event of a rear-end collision.

But safety is not the only reason why you need a quarter panel. It also promotes better aerodynamics. The quarter panel comes with a smooth external surface that minimizes drag while enhancing fuel efficiency. 

Also, several components are housed in your quarter panel, as we have mentioned earlier. These are your brake light, turn signal, and your taillights.

On the other hand, the fender is responsible for covering your frame wheel. It supports your vehicle’s front portion while protecting the wheels from external elements such as debris and dirt. It also helps reduce the risks of potential hazards to the wheels.

Even motorbikes and bicycles have fenders. And just like what they do for a car, they avert debris that your wheels kick up. Most fenders are crafted from metal, which can either be aluminum or steel. But nowadays, other materials are used to make fenders such as fiberglass and plastic. These are lighter and more fuel efficient to use than metal.

As for the functions of a fender, there are several to note. For the most part, it helps promote safety to the passengers. It also improves the vehicle’s appearance and performance. The front part of your vehicle is supported by your fender, and this component also protects the wheel from too much dirt and debris.

Additional Points To Know About Fender Vs Quarter Panel

Quarter panels take care of your vehicle’s function and structure. But as for the fender, it supports the front portion of your vehicle. It also helps to keep the wheel protected from debris, dirt, and hazards.

Different types of materials are used to make the quarter panel and the fender. However, quarter panels are usually made of metal to ensure optimum strength. On the other hand, fenders can be crafted from various materials including fiberglass, plastic, and metal.

As for the way these components are secured to your vehicle, there are differences to consider. Quarter panels are securely welded onto the body of your car. But fenders are typically installed with screws or bolts, so there is a tendency for them to be detached at one point or another.

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Overall, fenders and quarter panels are two different things with unique purposes. Not all vehicles come with a fender such as race cars or sports cars. The reason for this is that a fender is not a necessity for such types of vehicles. On the other hand, all vehicles have a quarter panel.

If you need to have a quarter panel replaced because of damage, it is possible to do so. However, it is not very simple or easy. You need to take the quarter panel out first and then weld the new one in. There are special tools required to replace your quarter panel, so it is best to have a professional do this job for you.

With that in mind, a quarter panel replacement can be quite pricey. This is because of the labor involved in the process. The price also depends on how big or small the panel is, as well as the type of paint you prefer. Therefore, the price range can go from $100 to as much as $400 in some instances.

Now, as we have mentioned, not all vehicles have a fender. But keep in mind that most states require vehicles to have a fender. This is because of the important function this component serves in terms of safety to the driver and the passenger in the unfortunate event of a collision.

As for quarter panels, they are typically structural or cosmetics. They also help improve your vehicle’s aerodynamics. This is why it is important to ensure the integrity of your quarter panels to maintain fuel efficiency. 

When there is a need to replace a broken quarter panel or a fender, be sure to have it done by an expert to achieve the results you want.

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