Silverado Third Brake Light Not Working? What You Need To Do

Is your Silverado third brake light not working?

It is true that your automobile is an important component of your life. This is why you have a lot of safety features in your vehicle. One of these is the third brake light. It is in addition to your other two brake lights, which helps to warn other drivers when you are stopping.

But what if your third brake light starts to fail? Why does this happen and what can you do about it? Keep reading to learn more.

silverado third brake light not working

Silverado Third Brake Light Not Working

Ever since the mid 1980s, third brake lights have become an integral part of vehicles in America. It is also called a safety brake lamp, which lets the other drivers know once you have hit your brakes. This is more visible to them, which is why it is a useful safety feature.

When there is a third brake light, other drivers do not get confused about whether you are using the turn signals or other lights. And it is particularly useful when driving at night.

The way a third brake light is positioned also varies from one car to another. It can be in your deck lid or the back glass of the car. Others may be found on your spare wheel compartment.

But what if your third brake light stops working? This increases the risk of a rear-end accident.

There are a few reasons why the third brake light fails such as:

Burned out bulb

Connector and wiring damage

When these happen, you may have to replace the bulb, as well as the connector or wiring, in case these impact how your third brake light performs.

Addressing Third Brake Light Issues With The Right Bulb Replacement

addressing third brake light issues with the right bulb replacement

When you need to change the bulb of your third brake light because it has burned out, the best option would be LED lights.

With LEDs, you can expect numerous benefits such as the following:

1. Durability

The best thing about LED lights is that they are highly durable. They can last about thrice as long as your typical halogen bulbs.

2. Convenience

When you upgrade to LED lights, it is very easy to do. Just locate the housing of your third brake light, open using a screwdriver, take the old bulb out and put the new one while adjusting your wiring and connections before reattaching the housing.

3. Brighter

What’s great about LEDs is that these are very bright. When it comes to the power they produce, it is significantly better and higher powered, leading to a brighter light.

And overall, LEDs are affordable. They used to be quite expensive but now you can easily buy one for $50 or less. So, it is a good value for the money considering the benefits you can get from it.

Understanding Reasons Why The Third Brake Light Stops Working

understanding reasons why the third brake light stops working

There are many reasons why your third brake light may stop working. Here they are:

1. Blown Fuse

When your brake lights – not just the third one – start to fail, it is usually because of a blown fuse. This is why you don’t have to replace the light but work on the fuse.

First, locate the fuse box and remove it. Check the fuse to see if the wire is incomplete or the inside is full of soot. If it is the latter, then you have a blown fuse that needs to be replaced.

2. Bulb Burned Out

As we have mentioned earlier, it may be time to replace your bulb if it no longer works. This is the easiest thing to fix and it is just a matter of buying a new one to replace the old, burned out bulb.

3. Short Circuit

If the issue is due to a short circuit, then you will notice that the fuse appears to be fine. However, the electrical system has a short circuit, which needs to be addressed. This means the frame or car body wore through the brake light warning harness’ insulation. Thus, the fuse blows up.

It is typically an easy fix, although it can be tricky to find. But if you are unable to locate the short, you will have to take your car to a shop to get it sorted out.

4. Faulty Brake Light Switch

And lastly, there is the issue with the brake light switch, which can be malfunctioning. This component has two wires that are responsible for controlling your brake light circuit, which is found in the brake system. The switch is close to your brake pedal, and you can always check the manual to know where it is located exactly in your vehicle.

Then, test your brake light switch to see if there is an issue.

Using an automotive test light, attach the lead to one ground. In case you don’t have this test light, you can easily find one at an auto parts shop.

Turn your ignition on, yet do not start your car. Touch your test light lead without applying pressure on your brake pedal. One wire should be able to illuminate the test light.

Place your test lead on a wire that did not create an illumination to your tester. Next, push the brake pedal on. If you see that the light turns on, then it means the switch is okay. Otherwise, you need to have the switch repaired.

But if there is still no result after conducting these tests, it is possible that the wiring is loose in the brake light assembly. Vibrations cause the wiring to loosen, which means you will have to get the assembly replaced.

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Wrapping Up

When the third brake light is not working in your vehicle, you need to get this issue addressed sooner than later. It is an essential safety feature that can give you peace of mind while driving on the road. So, it is best to make sure it works just as it should, so you can avoid accidents such as rear-end bumps with other vehicles.

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