Hyundai Sonata Key Stuck In Ignition? Causes And Fixes

Are you dealing with a Hyundai Sonata key stuck in ignition?

Nobody wants to have any key issues with their vehicles. After all, it is a big inconvenience and nuisance. It delays tasks you need to attend to, not to mention the possibly expensive cost of having this issue resolved by a professional.

So, what can you do when you have a key stuck in ignition? Better yet, why does this happen and how can you fix it? Find out more as you keep reading this post.

hyundai sonata key stuck in ignition

Dealing With A Hyundai Sonata Key Stuck In Ignition

There are many reasons why your key is stuck in ignition. For instance, you may have turned your engine off and forgot to put it in the park settings. The same holds true with manual transmission vehicles with the engine turned off and the car not placed into neutral.

With that in mind, there are a few tricks you can try to get your key out. First, consider starting your car, so you can undo your mistake. Then, place your vehicle in the P or park gear, or with manual transmissions, put it on neutral. Next, turn your engine off.

Now, you should keep in mind that the gauge cluster has a digital display showing the actual gear your vehicle is still on. This is why if you are unable to see the P or park displayed on your gauge cluster, it means you have not placed your vehicle in this gear yet.

Now, when your vehicle is in other gears – except for the park position – there is a lock preventing you from removing your key by accident. So, if you are unable to pull your key out of your ignition, this is a helpful reminder to place the vehicle in the P gear first before leaving your car.

What this does is it prevents your vehicle from simply rolling away. But at the same time, you need to also have your parking brakes engaged prior to going out of your vehicle. 

There is also a steering lock that stops you from getting the key out of your ignition. This lock is activated when trying to move your steering wheel even if there is no key in your ignition. As a result, unauthorized individuals cannot easily steal your vehicle. This is because they are unable to simply roll your vehicle down the street or steer it away from where it is parked.

But the unfortunate scenario that comes with this feature is that the key may get stuck in ignition if it is still placed inside as the steering lock is activated. In fact, your ignition cylinder is locked at the same time your steering wheel is locked.

So in this case, you need to disable both of these locks to get your key out. You can do this by turning your vehicle on slowly as you move your steering wheel gently around. As the engine starts, it should also release the lock on the steering wheel. Then, the ignition cylinder lock should be released, as well. Therefore, you should be able to pull the key out once you have turned the engine off.

There are also older models of the Hyundai Sonata with additional features that may cause the key to get stuck in ignition. You may have to press the lock on your steering wheel to pull the key out. This is usually in an obscure location, yet it is typically close to your ignition. 

Additional Pointers To Consider

There are a few other reasons why your key may get stuck in ignition. For instance, there may be dirt or debris stuck on it. Some people use their key to cut a box tape or open a package. In this case, some debris or dirt may get on it, which is why it can be stuck in your ignition.

So, make it a habit to clean your key first before placing it into your ignition. By doing so, you can prevent problems from occurring. Additionally, you may want to use a graphite lubricant on the key, especially if it is a bit sticky. The lubricant should also help in preventing your key from being stuck in your ignition. Since the lubricant is dry, it should be safe to use on your key.

But if you are too late and the key is already stuck because of something sticky on it, then you need to check a few things. Be sure the car is already in the park gear and the steering wheel is not locked. You can then spray some penetrating oil to lubricate your key to pull it right out of your ignition. After getting it, be sure to clean the key well.

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Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why a Hyundai sonata key gets stuck in ignition. Depending on the cause of the problem, you can apply certain techniques to pull your key out. 

Now, if your car battery died, you may not be able to pull your key out if stuck in ignition. This is because the ignition system depends on your battery. Without it, the system locks up. So, you first have to jump start the vehicle to give your battery some power.

A car battery charger should also be able to help. Once you have enough charge, you can attempt to pull the key out. But if none of these techniques work, the only thing left to do is to have a replacement for your old battery.

If your key has damage or dents, this can increase the likelihood of it being stuck in your ignition. Therefore, you will have to replace your car key to avoid this problem. Using a faulty key will not only cause it to get stuck but it can also cause damage to your ignition. 

We hope this article has been helpful in determining the cause and solution for a Hyundai sonata key stuck in ignition.

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