Disable Honda Remote Window Roll Down – How To Do It

Are you looking to disable Honda remote window roll down?

This smart feature enables you to quickly roll your windows down with your key fob. It is something that you can do remotely, which means pressing your unlock button twice and then keeping it held on your second press. 

Thus, if you want to keep your car cool quickly, you can do so when you roll the windows down. But there is a catch to this feature. When you accidentally press this unlock button two times while inside your purse or pocket, then you may be unaware that your windows have rolled down already.

It is quite a drawback during those times you want the windows closed such as when it is pouring outside or it is snowing. Or perhaps, you are driving in a questionable neighborhood, and you want your windows to be all the way up. Thankfully, there are ways to disable this Honda remote window roll down.

Keep reading to learn more about the ways to disable it and other key facts you need to know.

disable honda remote window roll down

Disable Honda Remote Window Roll Down

If you are looking to know how to disable Honda remote window roll down, here are the ways to do it.

1. Press the “Vehicle settings” on your display

2. Press the “Door/Window Setup” button

3. Scroll down until you find the “Remote window control” then press this button.

4. Scroll down and choose “Off”

That is all you need to do when you want to disable the remote roll down feature, so you no longer have to worry about accidentally activating this function.

More Information About The Honda Remote Window Roll Down

You may be wondering what it is with the Honda that causes the window to roll down by themselves. This usually happens when you have accidentally touched the key fob’s unlock button. You may also be unable to reset this system when you have installed new accessories for your vehicle.

Other causes of this rolling down of your window include damaged motors, broken wires, faulty driver-side modules, crank gears, and faulty regulators. Thus, you need to fix the issue with your vehicle to ensure a worry-free function of your windows.

When you have changed the battery of your key fob, it is possible that an issue with the window’s automatic functioning may occur. This is due to the different parameters in your system, which can get lost as you replace your batteries. 

Moreover, you may not have been able to maintain your vehicle. This includes not resetting the system for a while. Therefore, it is important to reset the system every couple of months. You will also need to restore your settings after installing some new accessories in your vehicle. 

To do this, simply turn the ignition on for resetting purposes. Roll your window up and down – do this for about 10 seconds until the issue is fixed.

If you have accidentally touched your key fob button, this may cause the windows to either lock or unlock. Press and hold the button you have accidentally touched and this should resolve the issue.

It is best to place your key fob on your dashboard when you are not using it. Do not put it in your purse or pocket where you may accidentally press the button.

If your driver lock control module has a problem, then your remote window roll down function may also be affected. It is best to keep your car locked to make sure that your locking system and actuator work fine. 

Whenever there are concerns with the locking module, you may notice the window tends to roll down unnecessarily. It is also worth noting that the module may not function correctly when you have a very low power supply or voltage from your battery. Wrong signals may be detected because of low voltage, and this can cause issues.

Additionally, if your crank gears are faulty, some issues with the window may also occur. These crank gears are responsible for the upward and downward motion of your windows. So, if you have broken crank gears, your window may not work properly. Considering the plastic material used for these components, it is quite fragile, making it prone to breakage.

Moreover, the cranks may worn-out over time. A prolonged use of your crank gears also makes it likely to break and malfunction at one point or another. 

When there are electrical system issues, the power windows may also end up rolling down unnecessarily. This is because it is linked with numerous wires required for their correct functioning. So, if you have issues with your wires, the windows may roll down accidentally. 

Sometimes, wires may be frayed or broken, as well. This also leads to a problem with the powered controlled system responsible for locking and unlocking your vehicle. When it is rainy and water gets into your electrical circuits, malfunctioning can happen. Loose wire connection is another issue to consider.

And lastly, you may have a blown fuse because of short circuits or power supply surge. Once the fuse blows up, you will need to replace this burned fuse with a new one. By doing so, you can obtain the right electrical supply to power the entire system.

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Depending on the cause of the problem with your Honda remote window roll down function, you need to address it appropriately. You may disable this function completely, yet it does come in handy at times. 

So the best thing you can do is to have the issue addressed when your window rolls down unnecessarily. If you have ample skills on troubleshooting this problem, then go ahead and do it. Otherwise, have an expert take a look at your power windows and get the issue diagnosed. By doing so, you can have any concern remedied accordingly and avoid any more inconvenience and hassles along the way.

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