Common Causes Of Ford Explorer Power Window Problems – What You Can Do

Worried about the typical Ford Explorer power window problems?

Gone are the days of using the hand-crank technique when raising or lowering your car windows. Nowadays, power windows are the standard in vehicles, which rely on electrical power to make it work.

This is why operating your power window is a breeze. All you need is to push one button on the door and your window closes or opens as you want it. Forget dealing with the crank handle back in the day!

But at the same time, there are issues to the power windows.When there is a malfunctioning system, then you can no longer open or close it… Unless you get it fixed. Even if you try to force it close or open, you cannot do this because of the system’s inner mechanism.

With this in mind, let’s look into the common problems with the power window of the Ford Explorer – causes and troubleshooting tips to help you out.

ford explorer power window problems

Ford Explorer Power Window Problems

There are a few reasons why your power window may no longer work as it should. Here are some of the issues you need to look into.

1. Window Lock Button Turned On

The most typical – and also the simplest – cause of the problem with the power window not closing or opening is that the lock out button is turned on. You may have pressed it accidentally, which is preventing you from opening or closing your window as easily as you want.

This safety feature disables the windows’ switches. Thus, you need to press it a second time to get it to work once more.

2. Poor Window Regulators

Next up is the window regulator issue. This moves your power window down or up. Your vehicle has a window regulator that moves it and is connected by cables to your power window motor.

Once it goes bad, however, you can never make your window move no matter how much you push the button up or down. It is possible that you have broken or worn crank gears. Another possibility is that you have a misaligned regulator. Hence, it is necessary to get your window regulator replaced to get it working efficiently.

3. Broken Fuse

When you have a broken fuse for your window regulators, then all of your windows will be unable to move. No matter how many times you push the window switch, the windows will not budge. The glass won’t tremble or there is no motor sound at all that you normally hear when you are able to roll the windows down.

The best thing to do is to check your manual and determine the fuse that brings power to your windows. Once you are able to locate this component, then all you need to do is to replace it.

4. Faulty Window Motor

Your power window needs a window motor that supplies electrical energy to the unit. The end of the motor has a gear, and this is connected to your window regulator.

When you press the door’s up or down button, this should activate the window motor. Thus, the window regulator is able to move your window. However, this is never going to happen when the window motor is broken.

The only thing you should do is to get this motor fixed or replaced, then everything else will work as it should once more.

5. Ice, Snow, and Debris

During winter, you may be dealing with snow and ice that could also impact the performance of your power windows. The glass of your windows will end up sticking to the frame, which is why this needs to be addressed when the regulators are frozen.

Moreover, if there is debris with a sticky texture, the regulator motor can fail in overcoming friction and moving your window. This is why it is very important to clean, lubricate and replace your seals and gaskets.

6. Power Window Switch Is Broken

If you have a problematic power window switch, then the power windows will not function well. The switch only wears out even more as you keep pressing it down or up.

Or worse, if you aggressively or forcefully press it, this can cause the switch to completely fail. So, you will have to replace your power window switch and not wait for the rest of the parts to malfunction.

7. Wiring Problems

There are numerous wires that connect your window switch to your window motor. It is not a usual issue with the power window but it does happen. This is why you may want to open the door panel and follow the wires coming from your fuse box and onto the door switch. It is possible that one of the wires is corroded or loose.

With this in mind, disconnect your battery first before attempting to touch the wiring. This way, you can prevent accidental shock as you work on this problem.

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Final Words

Power windows make your life much easier as you simply need to press a button to close or open your window. There is no need to crank the device that controls the movement of your windows, which is a system typical with older vehicles.

However, with the advancement in technology comes some issues. When there is an electrical problem or some issues with the mechanism or fuse of components that regulate the function of your power windows, you may be unable to do anything with the windows at all. This is why it is best to diagnose the problem and then troubleshoot it properly.

But do keep in mind that safety always comes first. Since you are dealing with electrical parts, you need to be cautious before you get to work. Perform safety techniques and use protective devices or tools that will keep you safe from accidents and injuries as your troubleshoot your power windows with the tips and tricks we shared with you in this post.

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