Common Ford Explorer Third Row Seat Problems And How To Fix Them

Are you concerned about Ford Explorer third row seat problems?

For the most part, the third row seat in this vehicle is quite useful. If you are a large family, then you can most definitely use the extra space in your car.

This is why it is great for having additional space or even as an extra storage space for your luggage.

On the other hand, there are some third row seat problems that you need to be aware of. If you are wondering what these are, or you are looking to avoid these, then keep reading to find out what these issues may be. Let’s get started.

ford explorer third row seat problems

Ford Explorer Third Row Seat Problems

Here are the different types of third row seat problems with the Ford Explorer – and what you can do about these:

1. Seats Unable To Fold

This is the most typical issue with the Ford Explorer third row seat. Normally, these seats are easy to fold. This is why you can easily transform this section into a storage or luggage area when you have cargo to bring with you.

However, there are cases when the seats are not too easy to fold – or they are unable to fold at all. When you encounter this issue, it can be due to a few reasons such as the headrest is stuck and will not fold or it can only fold part of the way.

If this is the issue, it means that the release latch is faulty. This is why you will have to replace this component since it is better than merely getting it repaired. You can find one at your Ford Explorer dealership or online. Replacing it yourself should be a relatively easy task or you can have an expert mechanic do the job for you.

2. Heated Seat Function Is Faulty

One great perk of the Ford Explorer third row seat is the heated seat function. This is one of the luxurious features of this car model, which is why it appeals to those who are particularly interested in this design.

But if the third row seat does not get warm enough even if you push the button, then it could mean that the fuse is blown. So, you will need to check which fuse exactly is broken, then you can simply get it replaced.

Another possible reason why it is not working is the wiring. If there is a wiring problem, then you need to get it sorted out. Perhaps the wire is broken, thus preventing the heating feature from working. A professional mechanic should be able to fix this problem correctly.

3. Broken Power Seats

Next up is the power seat feature. What this does is to allow you to move your seat by simply pressing one button. Hence, you can move or position it in a way that you find to be comfortable.

But if this feature no longer works as it should then the motor gear may be faulty. You will have to replace it to make sure the power seats work once more. Either you replace it yourself or take your vehicle to a mechanic and they can fix this issue for you.

4. Clicking Noises

And then there is the problem with annoying clicking noises. Perhaps you moved your seat or folded it then suddenly, you hear a click. This can be concerning just as it is annoying to deal with. But most of the time, it is caused by a mechanical issue.

So, if it works once then the clicking noise comes on, it is likely that the issue will get worse over time. But you can also check if there is simply an obstruction that is hitting the seat, which causes the clicking sound.

Otherwise, it is possible that the motor is worn-out and needs to be replaced. If not the motor, then it may be the actuator that’s faulty due to damage over time.

Additional Facts About The Ford Explorer Third Row Seat Problems

additional facts about the ford explorer third row seat problems

A few years back, Ford reported that some issues with the third row seat have been evident in the 2018 and 2019 models, which is why a recall was made on these vehicles.

Thankfully, these are easy problems that can be fixed by your mechanic or dealer, or just about anyone who has technical expertise. Simply buy the components to replace the faulty ones with, then it should be good to go once installed.

It is also worth noting that there are replacement parts you can find online, in case you cannot find them at your dealership. These parts that you can use to repair the third row seat problem includes the seat adjusters, mounting bolts, and motor gear, to name a few.

Over all, third row seat problems with the Ford Explorer can be observed not only in older models but also in new ones. However, it is most common among used Ford Explorers, which is why it is best to inspect the vehicle carefully before purchasing a second-hand one.

There is also such a thing as resetting the third row powered seats in your vehicle. Simply press the PowerFold button for the seats, which should fold and unfold the seats simultaneously. When you do this a few times, this should reset the system, which is often a quick fix for any third row seat problem.

Also, make sure there are no obstructions that may be causing this problem. Things like food crumbs, a penny, or small toys can get stuck in this narrow space. So be sure to inspect it well and remove any obstruction to prevent damage to the third row seat.

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Wrap Up

There you have it – some of the most common Ford Explorer third row seat problems and what can be done to fix them. Now, you can go ahead and try these tips and be sure to keep your Ford’s third row seat mechanism well-maintained to prevent these issues from recurring over time.

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