How To Deal With Check Charging System Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Problems

So you suddenly see an alert for your check charging system Hyundai Sonata hybrid car. What should you do next?

Each time you get into your vehicle, you can pretty much expect the charging system to power your car. But if there are problems, you will instantly see either the battery light or check charging system turning on. These are things you won’t want to see – most especially when you are in a rush to your destination.

If you encounter these problems, consider the possible causes and some ways you can deal with these concerns.

check charging system hyundai sonata hybrid

Check Charging System Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Your charging system includes a number of components such as the electronic control unit, wiring, battery, and the alternator. This is what charges your battery. Moreover, the charging system delivers the right amount of energy needed for you to run your radio, lights, and various electrical components as your engine runs.

But what does it mean when you see the check charging system light? Should you be concerned?

When you see the light come on, this means that your vehicle runs purely on battery power. But if the problem persists and the charging system malfunctions, your battery will not be able to recharge. Thus, it will slow down, and you will have to deal with a dead battery.

Naturally, you would not want to find yourself with a dead battery. So when you see the check charging light, it is important to deal with this problem sooner than later.

Causes Of The Check Charging System Light

causes of the check charging system light

There are many reasons why the check charging system light turns on. This is why you need to have the problem diagnosed by a technician.

But for the most part, here are the typical components affected by the charging system, which can trigger the light to come on.

1. Alternator Problems

When the alternator is not working as it should, the check charging system light turns on. You need to test the voltage that comes from your alternator. If there is a low voltage, you need to have the weak alternator replaced with a new one.

2. Low Battery

It is also typical for the check charging system light to turn on when the battery is low. Hence, you need to get it replaced. Once you have a new battery installed, you can have your mechanic re-check the battery strength.

3. Drive Belt Issues

When you have a faulty drive belt, this can prevent the alternator from doing its function. As a result, the check charging light can come on. Check the drive belt and get this faulty one replaced with a new belt that works right.

4. Bad Computer System

If the problem is not with the battery or alternator, then your computer system could be the culprit. Test the computer system once you have ruled out the other possible issues.

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Bottom Line

Oftentimes, a bad computer system, low battery, alternator issues, and faulty computer system can cause the check charging system light to come on. It could also be due to corroded wires and bad connections, so you need to inspect all the possible culprits and rule them out to determine the right course of action to take.

When you have the light come on, it is never a good idea to continue driving. Otherwise, your vehicle may fail and stop working completely. So, it is best to visit your mechanic to have the problem solved sooner than later.

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