Hyundai Elantra Clutch Adjustment Expert Tips & Tricks

A Hyundai Elantra clutch adjustment may seem to be a tricky ordeal.

Nowadays, there are more vehicles that come with a dual-clutch transmission or a slush box. Not many cars have manual transmission.

When it comes to driving with convenience, automatic transmission is mostly preferred by drivers, as compared with stick shifts. But at the same time, manual transmissions are still a typical choice by practical drivers who are looking for cheaper repairs and more involvement in driving.

However, there are some drawbacks to having a manual transmission such as the need for a clutch adjustment. Find out just how this is done correctly to ensure the best results you want.

hyundai elantra clutch adjustment

Hyundai Elantra Clutch Adjustment

Manual transmission vehicles that come with a clutch would sometimes require an adjustment for the clutch pedal. There is also the likelihood of needing to replace the clutch assembly completely, particularly when there is a severe malfunction issue.

To make sure that your clutch works as it should you need to do some adjustment to prevent a slipping clutch. Insufficient free play leads to a slipping clutch while excessive play will cause the vehicle to creep forward when you depress the clutch pedal while in gear.

This is why you will need to do a clutch adjustment. And fortunately, there are a few ways to do this successfully. But do keep in mind that to adjust the clutch, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all. With various types of assemblies, there are also different clutch adjustment types you can do.

Here are two ways to do a clutch adjustment:

1. Manual Clutch Adjustment

When doing a manual clutch adjustment, you need to turn off your engine and keep the emergency brake engaged. Position yourself in such a way that the head is underneath slightly on the dashboard.

By doing so, you can ensure the right amount of visibility to perform a manual adjustment. Sometimes, a bit of flexibility can help you to perform a clutch adjustment easily but anyone can do it, too.

Typically, vehicles come with a clutch cable that include a threaded rod with an adjuster nut and locknut. These determine how much free play your clutch pedal has. You need to locate the nuts, which are usually positioned right above your clutch pedal.

Then, pull on the clutch cable upwards and loosen the adjuster nut and locknut. Pull up slowly on the clutch cable once more until you notice that the clutch fork begins to engage. This is the part where you need to adjust your clutch cable to.

As you apply pressure on the clutch cable to ensure the right position, make the adjuster nut and locknut tighter to keep the cable in place. At this point, the clutch pedal should be in the right position.

2. Self-Adjusting Clutch Adjustment

As the name implies, self-adjusting clutches are capable of adjusting themselves for the right amount of free play. However, there are instances when it could use a bit of help. It utilizes a hydraulic clutch pedal, which means it should be easier to complete the adjustment process even for the inexperienced technician.

To begin, make sure the engine is running and engage the park brake. Put one foot underneath your clutch pedal then lift it up towards yourself. Test the results of the adjustment as you depress the clutch pedal while at the same time putting your vehicle into gear. Observe the distance your clutch needs to be able to move down prior in order to change the gears.

In case this clutch adjustment process fails to deliver the results you want, you may have to do a manual clutch adjustment.

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There you have it – the two ways you can perform a clutch adjustment and the steps to be able to do so. We hope this article has been helpful for you to guide you better when it comes to doing a Hyundai Elantra clutch adjustment the right way. And always remember to do a manual clutch adjustment either by yourself or with the help of a technician in case the other technique does not give you the desired result.

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