6.7 Cummins Cooling System Diagram You Should Know

You may be looking to find out more about the 6.7 Cummins cooling system diagram.

Now, this is important to learn how your Cummins engine’s cooling system works. This allows you to have a better understanding of the system and address any issue that may arise.

As we all know, Cummins is a brand renowned for its impeccable design and production of filter systems, power products, and machines. The products that bear this brand are also known for a reasonable size while being capable of consuming a moderate amount of fuel and the ease of use.

When it comes to the cooling system diagram, there are certain components involved. Keep reading this post to learn more about it.

6.7 cummins cooling system diagram

6.7 Cummins Cooling System Diagram Facts

When you look at the cooling system diagram of the 6.7 Cummins, this should give you an idea about the different parts of this system. Among these are the radiator, barrel belfry water transition, Cummins temperature regulator, aftercooler, injectors, damp drain duct, strain for water and several others.

1. Radiator

This part includes a strap duct crafted from copper, as well as a DC-motor controlled water cooling pipe. What your radiator does is to minimize air opposition while widening the area of heat diffusion to keep your engine cool. Depending on the quality of the radiator, it can cost about $20 to as much as $100.

2. Waft squeezer

Now, this device is responsible for extracting volumes of air in your regulatory machine. This also constricts air while at the same time regulating pressure in your cooling system. Once there is a drop in the engine temperature, this also drops your air pressure – and vice versa. Therefore, the waft squeezer is important for increasing pressure.

3. Temperature regulator

What this does is to maintain the balance of your fuel circulation temperature in your engine. It also aims to regulate your machine’s thermostat. Without a thermoregulator, the engine’s temperature can increase quite rapidly. In the case of a broken thermoregulator, a replacement would be required. It would cost about $140 as the cheapest but can go as high as $300

We highly advise using a good quality thermoregulator replacement part. Otherwise, cheap ones may only cause the engine to burst in case it fails to cool properly.

4. Aftercooler

Next up, we have the aftercooler. This component is instrumental for cooling compressed air. The waft squeezer compresses the air, which needs to be cooled. Additionally, your aftercooler helps to allow more air to get in and improve the combustion rate of fuel. Other terms used for the aftercooler include supercharger or turbocharger. It can cost as cheap as $59 to over $900.

5. Damp drain duct

With this component, ventilation to your cooling system is improved. It also serves as a passageway for water and air to flow in your Cummins cooling system. Since the duct has a wet surface, this makes air damp and moist. As a result, there is a cooling effect generated. Now, if you need to replace a broken damp drain duct, it should cost about 95 cents to a little over a dollar per square foot.

6. Water pump

Your Cummins water pump is needed to thrust your coolant through the cooling system and into your appliance before moving it to the radiator. Without a water pump, it will not help to promote an efficient functioning of the coolant. Thus, there will be a reduced water flow circulation within your cooling system. If you need to replace your water pump, prepare to shell out about $460 to as much as $630.

7. Water filter

Your cooling system needs a water filter to function well. What it does is it helps to prevent impurities, contamination, pollutants, and debris from getting into your cooling system. It is important to keep the cooling system clean and free from unwanted elements to ensure its efficiency. Additionally, a clean cooling system will be free from corrosion. It also helps to prolong the system’s lifespan. 

When you need to get a replacement part for your filter, you should be prepared to shell out $70 to as much as $80.

8. Injector

An injector is important as it works with your water pump and acts as the valve. Additionally, the valves serve different functions such as supplying fuel to your ignition chamber and preventing the splashing of any outfitted consumables.

Additional Points

Now, your Cummins cooling system enables the optimal temperature while promoting stimulation. All the components included in the system serve an important function of keeping the engine and other parts cool, so overheating and damage can be prevented.

Your 6.7 Cummins cooling system diagram offers a pictorial view of your cooling system. The different parts involved and where they are located are all presented in the diagram, as well as how these components are interconnected.

By understanding the location and function of these elements, technicians should be able to easy locate where the problem is and address any issue that would require repair and replacement. 

If the cooling system needs to be replaced, the price depends on various factors such as the quality of components. The kit can vary from $370 to as much as $500 or even more.

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Your Cummins cooling system diagram provides a clearer view of what is inside the cooling system. This enables you to determine the different parts included, as well as the functions they serve. If there is a problem with your cooling system, you can study the diagram and depict the potential cause of the issue. Then, you can determine what part needs to be replaced or repaired.

However, we highly recommend having a professional work on any issue with components in your Cummins cooling system. Considering how delicate these parts are, it is best to have a specialist diagnose and troubleshoot the source of the problem to prevent further issues and have the problem resolved once and for all.

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