Book Time For Maintenance Volvo – Why This Happens

What does it mean when you see the book time for maintenance Volvo message?

This may leave you perplexed since a maintenance required message while you are driving may be something you have not been anticipating. However, it does happen, and it is good to know what you should actually do about it when it appears.

Now, there are many symbols on your dashboard, and each refers to a particular concern with your car. If you see that there is a maintenance required message, you need to realize that it is not something to be afraid of.

You should not panic at all if this message shows up. What this simply means is that your vehicle will need regular maintenance soon. This may include a tune-up, replacing the timing belt, or getting an oil change. But if you see other lights turn on in addition to the maintenance required message, then you may want to look carefully into the reason that prompted these lights to appear.

Today, we will discuss important facts to consider when you see the book time for maintenance Volvo message and what happens if you ignore it. Let’s get started.

book time for maintenance volvo

Book Time For Maintenance Volvo

Now, if you see the message saying Book time maintenance in your Volvo, it means that your vehicle needs to be serviced. This light or message usually appears in the 5000-mile intervals. The reason for this is that it is the recommended time when some basic servicing must be done such as inspection, filter replacement, and oil change. You may see the light blinking for a few seconds each time you start your engine after about 4500 miles

What if you ignore this message then? Well, the light stays on if you leave the car unchecked after another 500 miles. This means that you have already driven your car for 5000 miles and regular maintenance is needed.

Now, the light may turn on at various mileage points, too. This varies from one vehicle to another. For example, the light may simply illuminate after every few thousand miles, as this lets you know an oil change is needed. But the light may also turn on once every 60,000 miles – it depends on what work must be done such as a big tune-up session.

So, if you see that your Volvo has a book time for maintenance message, this may have been during the 5000 mile. Some servicing to be done include a filter change, engine oil change, multi-point inspection, fluid adjustments and tire rotation. 

The question many people have when this message appears is if they can still drive their vehicle even if this light is illuminated. The answer is a yes. You should be able to drive your vehicle without a problem even if you have not done the recommended scheduled service. However, there are some risks involved. If you do not keep up with the suggested maintenance – especially critical ones – then you may run the risk of dealing with serious issues with your car.

Do take note that the more extensive the issue, the more expensive the repairs. So, this is something to remember if you plan on just ignoring this important message showing up on your vehicle as you drive.

Some adverse effects to the engine and other critical components may happen. In worse case scenarios, an accident may even occur. There are drivers that can even end up being stranded on the street or the highway because they chose to ignore the maintenance required message.

Important Points To Consider

Now, if you plan on postponing any work required for your vehicle, you may be wondering how you can reset the light. You may be bothered by the constantly flashing light, so you want to put an end to this nuisance. Thus, you can turn it off by resetting it.

First, turn the ignition switch on and make your trip display or odometer to the ODO mode. Afterwards, turn the ignition switch off.

Look for the reset button on the trip meter and press and hold this as you turn your ignition switch on. At this point, you should see that the light only stays on for 3 seconds, blink for 2 seconds and then stop completely for a second.

Next, release your trip meter’s reset button and turn the ignition off. Once you turn your ignition on, you will see that the book time for maintenance light has already turned off. If it does not work, re-do the steps as you may have missed something.

Now, with Volvo’s certain models, there are some additional steps to do when you want to reset the book time for maintenance message.

First, push your key fob until you hear a click into the dash slot. Do not step on the brake, then tap your engine start button. 

Push the trip mileage counter reset button down and hold it while keeping the foot away from the brake. Push your engine start button for 2 seconds until the informational lights illuminate. When the lights turn on, stop pushing your engine start button.

Count for a few more seconds while holding the trip mileage counter reset button down. The “i” warning should blink, which means you can now release the button. Release before the “i” halts blinking.

Restart your vehicle to check if the book time for maintenance warning has been reset.

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Wrap Up

When you purchase a new vehicle, your manufacturer typically covers the initial 5000-mile maintenance service up to 25,000 miles. Now, the service involves basic things, so it is important to get this done. 

However, as the mileage level goes up, more services will be needed such as ignition tune-ups and timing belt repairs. So, you should never skip these as they are important to be checked and repaired when need be.

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