Why Does Hot Air Come Out Of My Car Vents?

Ever asked the question, “Why does hot air come out of my car vents?”

If you are getting frustrated with the hot air in your vehicle, especially when the weather outside is equally hot, then you may find it difficult to stay comfortable while driving.

For folks who are worried about hot air blowing out of their car AC, this is something that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

The following are common reasons behind this car air conditioner issue and what you can do about it.

why does hot air come out of my car vents

Why Does Hot Air Come Out Of My Car Vents?

When you are bummed about the hot air in your car, then you may want to look into these common reasons why this happens.

1. Electrical System Malfunction

Your air conditioning unit is powered by electricity, which is why if there is a malfunction in the electric, this causes hot air to come out of your vents. It could be the relays, switches, or fuses that are no longer working as they should. Hence, the electrical system may shut down completely.

If this is the cause of the problem, then a specialized technician should be able to solve this problem for you.

2. Condenser issues

Another thing that may be to blame for hot air in your car is the condenser. It could be that the condenser is blocked because of debris on the road, which is caught on the unit. Hence, you will need to flush the debris out. A simple DIY work may do the trick or some help from a mechanic.

3. Refrigerant leak

Next up is a leak in your refrigerant. This is responsible for keeping the air nice and cool, yet if there is a leak, it needs to be topped up and have the cause of leakage solved. Unfortunately, this cannot be a mere DIY project since an expert needs to do this for you.

4. Cooling fans are broken

The car AC relies on cooling fans to keep the heat away from the refrigerant. But if the fans are damaged or cracked, often due to road debris, then the refrigerant does not get cool and the AC causes warm air to come out. Get the fans replaced by an expert to solve this issue.

5. Compressor damage

The compressor does an awful lot of job to keep the air cool in your vehicle. But as this is one of the most hardworking components in your AC system, it can be prone to damage and failure because of wear and tear. In other cases, it may break when not used for a long time.

With the help of an expert, you can get your car AC compressor fixed or replaced to get cool air back in your vehicle.

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Additional Tips You Can Do

Overall, damage to the compressor, condenser, and any leaks from the unit are responsible for the hot air coming out of your car vents.

These issues often arise when any of the parts collect debris or dirt, especially the condenser. In other cases, it could be wear and tear or lack of activity to the AC unit that causes the problem.

Either way, it is important to have a professional take a look at these vital components to your car AC. By doing so, you can get the issue addressed appropriately and prevent any further inconvenience to you.

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