What Kind Of Gas Does A Hyundai Santa Fe Take?

Have you ever wondered what kind of gas does a Hyundai Santa Fe take? If you are wondering what to use for your vehicle, then you will find this piece of information helpful for your needs.

After all, using the wrong type of gas can be detrimental to your vehicle. So, it is best to know what type to use and which one to avoid issues that can seriously cause harm. Let’s dive right into it.

what kind of gas does a hyundai santa fe take

Hyundai Santa Fe Gas Type

The Hyundai Santa Fe needs unleaded fuel. The designated pump octane number is 87 or higher. Otherwise, it is not suitable for your vehicle.

Moreover, unleaded fuel is required as not only does this reduce exhaust emissions but also prevent the spark plug from fouling.

It is not suitable to add other cleaning agents for the fuel system to the tank other than what the manufacturer specifies. You can also contact authorized Hyundai vehicle dealers to learn more or when in doubt about a particular gas you intend to use.

Additional Crucial Information On The Hyundai Santa Fe Gas Type

It is not suitable to top off right after the nozzle shuts off automatically as you refuel. Any attempt to add more fuel into your vehicle’s tank may cause the fuel to overflow. It may flow not only on the ground but to you, as well, which can be a fire risk.

Moreover, you need to keep the fuel cap in check – it needs to be securely installed to eliminate the risk of a fuel spillage.

Gasohol, or a gasoline that contains alcohol such as ethanol, as well as those containing methanol or wood alcohol are not ideal unless in some cases. Often, these are available in place of unleaded or leaded gasoline.

However, it is not ideal to use gasohol on your Hyundai Santa Fe when there is over 10 percent ethanol. You should also avoid using gasohol with methanol as these fuels can lead to drivability issues while at the same time causing damage to your car’s fuel system.

If you ended up using gasohol, be sure to discontinue usage if you encounter drivability concerns. These issues are usually not covered by your manufacturer’s warranty.

Additionally, there’s such a thing as E85 fuel, which is basically ethanol (85 percent) and gasoline (15 percent). This type of fuel is not ideal to your Hyundai Santa Fe. Using this type of gas may lead to a reduction in engine efficiency and performance. It can also negatively impact your fuel system and engine.

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Bottom Line

You need to make sure that you use the right type of gas for your Hyundai Santa Fe. It is best to stick to unleaded gasoline, as well as gasohol not exceeding 10 percent ethanol.

By sticking to these types of gas, you can prevent any damage to your vehicle or voiding your manufacturer’s warranty.

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