Hyundai Santa Fe Makes Noise When Accelerating

We’ve heard some people complain that the Hyundai Santa Fe makes noise when accelerating.

It is concerning when this happens, as you know well enough that it is most certainly not a normal occurrence. Your vehicle is not supposed to be making noise as it accelerates.

But why does this happen, anyway? Most importantly, what can you do about it?

Here are just some things that you may want to know about this problem and the potential solutions you can try to address this issue.

Reasons Why The Hyundai Santa Fe Makes Noise When Accelerating

reasons why the hyundai santa fe makes noise when accelerating

One thing that some Hyundai Santa Fe owners complain about is the high-pitched kind of a noise as they accelerate. If this is the case, then we can blame it on the alternator belt. It is possible that this component has been experiencing some wear, which is why the noise occurs.

When the belt is slackened or the tensioner roller is worn out or torn, then you can hear this high-pitched noise as you speed up your vehicle. If so, you will have to check with your technician to get it fixed.

Another type of noise is a whining sound. It may sound like a whistling or rattling noise, which means that the turbo is starting to fail, as well as the other components.

You will have to get these parts replaced or there is a risk of the engine clogging up. So it is best to check these problematic components with the help of a professional and get it addressed sooner than later.

Next, there is a humming noise produced by an air leakage. This is due to some holes in the air hoses or junctions. Thai is why repair work will need to be done to get it fixed immediately and address the problem.

Constant Noise When Accelerating

Now, if you continue to accelerate and the noise remains constant, you will have to inspect your vehicle’s rolling parts. This is particularly true when there is no noise at idle, yet the noise comes back as you start driving again.

The condition of your bearings may be the culprit, so you will have to check these right away. Sometimes, a clicking sound may be heard, yet becomes less as you disengage. Any resistance experienced in the clutch pedal may mean a replacement is needed for these parts.

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Final Thoughts

hyundai santa fe makes noise when accelerating

Overall, the noise you hear as you accelerate on your Hyundai Santa Fe can be due to various aspects such as the alternator going bad, the bearings becoming worn out, or an air leakage in the junctions or hoses.

Sometimes, the power steering pump may also be an issue, especially if you hear a whining sound as you accelerate. This is why you will have to check these components for determining the reason behind the noise. Then, you can come up with a definitive answer and have a professional address the problem once and for all.

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