What Happens If My Power Valve Is Too Big? Know The Right Power Valve Size You Need!

We have been asked quite often – “What happens if my power valve is too big?”

The power valve performs key functions in your vehicle’s operation. But you need to make sure that the correct size is used to ensure optimal performance.

So, what exactly can happen when you have a very big power valve? Here is what you need to know, so keep reading to find out!

what happens if my power valve is too big

What Happens If My Power Valve Is Too Big

When your power valve is too big or not the desired size, then hesitation or poor acceleration may arise. What this means is that your engine is unable to produce the right amount of fuel.

Perhaps the power valve is incorrect, or it could also be linked with a cylinder head gasket issue.

When you have the power valve open at idle, poor acceleration occurs. There can also be hesitation when the power valve is closed at any range of RPM. Hence rich mains or poor idles may occur.

Your power valve assists in controlling the mixture or fuel and air in a two-stroke engine. This component opens as the rev increases and then causes torque at a low speed and boosts the top-end power.

If you have a 13-inch idle, then the power valve to use must be the right size. You will know that the power valve is too big or incorrect when the fuel economy of your vehicle is reduced, or you notice a black smoke coming out of the exhaust. Poor idle and fouling spark plugs are also other signs.

On the other hand, when you have a very small power valve, then the engine tends to vibrate when hitting the accelerator due to a restriction in the intake because of the smaller size.

Furthermore, this can result in a fuel shortage in your engine and the car ends up running on a lean belt. Hence, popping sounds with very little response occurs when you accelerate. Backfires may also arise, as well as a jerky motion.

But if the power valve is too big, low fuel efficiency may occur. You can also notice dark-colored exhausts with a foul smell. This is why you may also have some breathing problems because of these things.

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Choosing The Right Power Valve Size

Considering these problems that arise because of an incorrect power valve size, you need to make sure that you pick the right one you need. This depends on your vehicle’s engine displacement including the layout and size of the engine. You also need to take into account the type of vehicle you have as this will impact the size of the power valve that you need.

Your power valve adjusts the fuel and air mixture, which then impacts fuel economy and efficiently. So, make sure you get the correct size to avoid any issue and unnecessary high expenses that come with it.

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