What To Do With A Volvo XC90 Anti Skid Temporarily Off

When you have a Volvo XC90 anti skid temporarily off, it can be a safety concern. 

After all, the stability system helps you to prevent skidding and maintain your vehicle’s traction.

Thus, it is important to have the anti skid activated and to keep it on, so that you can keep your peace of mind while driving. Here are the things you can do when you have your anti skid temporarily off.

volvo xc90 anti skid temporarily off

Volvo XC90 Anti Skid Temporarily Off – What To Do About It

You may have noticed that your Volvo XC90 anti skid is temporarily off. Now, this may pose some concerns to you, since the last thing you want to deal with is to get into an accident when you have this safety feature turned off.

This is why you would like to determine what could be done when this issue arises. Primarily, a fault in your steering angle sensor causes this problem. This component is linked to your SRS or Supplementary Restraint System contact reel. It is a part of the steering wheel module.

Moreover, there is a code wheel in the steering wheel sensor. It follows your steering wheel’s movement and then calculates your turning speed, turns, and the angle. 

If you notice that the anti skid is temporarily off, then you would have to do an upgrade on your steering angle sensor software. When you have installed the software and your sensor has been recalibrated, and yet you still see this error message, then you have to replace your steering angle sensor and install a new one.

To replace your steering angle sensor in your Volvo, you need to use a few important tools such as a metric socket set, torx screwdriver set, and a ratchet set. You also have to prepare your Volvo steering angle sensor replacement.

volvo xc90 anti skid temporarily off

Now, as for the steps involved when replacing your steering angle sensor, here are the things you need to know:

1. Disconnect your battery

Before working on your car, it is always best to disconnect your battery. Then wait for about 5 minutes prior to starting the replacement work. This will spare you from injuries or accidents that may occur when you still have the battery intact.

2. Remove your steering column fasteners

Next thing you need to do is to unscrew your T-25 torx screws located on your steering column covers. Then, you can take the covers out afterwards.

Free up the steering lock by inserting your key right into the ignition. Turn your wheel a quarter turn on one side and the next. This will expose two holes located on the wheel’s rear. Then, insert your flathead screwdriver inside the hole. Pry it up, which should cause your screwdriver to press down on your catch release. 

Do the same step in both holes to release the airbag located in the steering wheel.

3. Disconnect your wiring

Be very cautious when performing this step since you need to avoid mis-matching the connection. Take note of the colors and wiring of your connectors. Remove two connections, as well as the connector for your steering wheel module. Then, put your airbag off to one side while keeping the airbag portion face up.

Avoid placing your airbag surface on the rest area or the ground. You also need to put the connector side on the rest area or the ground.

4. Lock your column

Take the key out and lock your steering wheel by simply turning it. After locking the column, you should be able to take out your 18-mm bolt that secures your steering wheel to your steering shaft.

After removing the bolt, you should be able to see the shaft spline area on the steering. Use a marker to create a mark on the splines. This allows you to know later where you need to reposition the steering wheel.

5. Remove your steering wheel

After you have exposed your SAS unit or Clock-spring, you need to remove the Phillips head screws. Then, remove your connector, found on the left portion of the SAS.

Next, replace the unit with a new one. But be sure to keep it straight to prevent the terminal pins from bending. 

Moreover, after installing the unit, you may no longer have to reprogram the software if you have the most recent one installed. Otherwise, it will require some reprogramming. 

Additional Points To Consider

Some people report seeing the anti skid temporarily off disabled message in their car. This usually occurs during start up then disappears after restarting the car.

But this may be resolved by cleaning the ABS sensors, as well as rings. It could be that there is debris in the rings, which prevents the component from working well.

Another thing is that if the power supplied to your ABS or DSTC system is low, then you may notice the Avolvo XC90 anti skid temporarily off. Sometimes, the message disappears after keeping the ignition on for a while. A battery check may also be useful in determining if the battery causes this issue.

Also, wheel alignment may have something to do with this problem once in a while. Thus, you can have your wheels checked and aligned in addition to getting the battery checked by a professional.

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When you see the Volvo XC90 anti skid temporarily off message shows up, there are a few things you can do to address this problem. We hope that the tips we have shared with you above can guide you on the best way to go about this issue to have it resolved sooner than later, for your peace of mind.

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