Volvo XC60 Water In Driver Footwell? Practical Solutions To Consider

The Volvo XC60 water in driver footwell is never a fun thing to deal with.

After all, the last thing you want is to find that your driver footwell is filled with water. We have heard many people complain about their vehicle running and performing great, but at the same time, they deal with water entering and filling up the driver footwell. 

Moreover, the sunroof may fail completely due to many reasons such as a damage to the fiber optic cable.

Upon removing the carpet and the soaked rubber foam, the water appears to be originating on the left portion of the door each time it rains. If you experience this issue – or something similar to this – it is best to keep reading to know why this may happen and what you can do about it.

volvo xc60 water in driver footwell

Volvo XC60 Water In Driver Footwell

If you encounter the issue as mentioned above, it may be worth checking out the seals of your sunroof. You may also want to inspect the tray or firewall on your cowling. Perhaps, you have sprayed some water on the cowling, and you have the water dripping down.

It may also help to check your drain tubing. Find out how this works since it may have been disconnected.

Now, in some cases, it may be that your windscreen simply needs some resealing. There could be some small gaps that have formed around the seal. You can have your Volvo dealer reseal this for a reasonable price, which should be able to solve the problem.

There are some instances when the problem may be due to the AC. Many vehicle shave their AC evaporator positioned underneath the passenger side of their dashboard. When air passes through the evaporator coils, the water then condenses on these coils and run down to the evaporator’s bottom portion. 

When there is a higher humidity level, this also causes more water to be produced. With the drain tubing running from the bottom portion of your evaporator box right through the firewall, you can see a small puddle of water underneath the car after you have run your AC for a while. The water is by the passenger door and you will notice this as you have your car parked.

This may be due to the drain tubing being plugged up. So, locate this component and take it out from the bottom portion of your evaporator and check to see if there is a blockage. If this is the culprit, then you have your problem solved.

Leaks can also form from behind your dashboard, which causes water to get into the cabin and into the driver footwell. 

When you have window seals that have accumulated some damages over time, it prevents them from blocking water. The black-colored rubber material called as weatherstripping is what prevents the wind and rain from getting in as you drive. 

If you notice that water starts to trickle past your window seals, it enters the door panel and the cabin. Hence, water can accumulate and can eventually promote mold and mildew build-up when left unaddressed.

Typically, weatherstripping and seals can handle physical damage. But over time, these will wear out and can crack as they become brittle. The sun’s powerful UV rays and intense heat can cause these damages, so you will need to get signs of wear and tear addressed by replacing your weather stripping.

It is also possible that your car may have a sunroof with a glass panel that has worn-out weatherstripping. When this happens, water tends to leak past your sunroof and collect in your sunroof tray. When there are build-ups on the drains, then any moisture or liquid that enters the sunroof tends to back up and then leak into your cabin.

Although the water may appear to be still on the window or the sunroof, it may already be inside your car. So, you need to get this problem addressed immediately. 

Lastly, you may have a leaking heater core issue, which is causing liquid in the driver footwell. If the liquid smells sweet, or it comes with a bright color, there may be a leak in the heater core, which means a replacement is needed. 

Another potential cause of the Volvo XC60 water in driver footwell is a clog in your AC system drain. This is typically a quick and easy problem that experts can solve. So it is best not to delay the need to get it fixed to avoid this issue with water buildup in the driver footwell, which can further lead to more issues over time.

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Final Word

Overall, there are many reasons behind the issue with Volvo XC60 water in driver footwell. If you encounter this problem, be sure to investigate the potential cause as we have shared above, then proceed to the best course of action to get it remedied sooner rather than later.

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  1. Does the water problem occur on the passenger side front in all xc60, my 2017 XC60 has this it’s 2017 issue after being involved I an accident.thanks for the Heads up.
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