Are Volvo D12 Engine Problems Common?

Some people wonder if the Volvo D12 engine problems are common or not much of an occurrence.

If you are looking into learning more about the D12 engine, or whether it is a good choice or not, here are important things you should know.

Find out more about the pros and cons of the Volvo D12 engine to help you make an informed decision. Let’s get started.

volvo d12 engine problems

Are There Volvo D12 Engine Problems To Be Worried About?

First of all, let us talk about the D12. This was launched quite a while back, and it has become a leader among various 12-liter types of diesel engines.

There is also the D12-800, which is designed to provide a cleaner and stronger output. Basically, the engine block of this model is similar to its predecessor. However, there are some improvements done on the turbo and air-cooler, which are enhanced for optimum performance.

Moreover, there is a new and improved electronic management system, allowing it to provide greater efficiency.

Thus, the torque and power output are both impeccable. This is why many are impressed with this engine.

With the D12, there is very minimal smoke emitted. This is why it is good for the environment. Without much smoke generated, this meets the emission requirements in the USA and the EU. The lack of smoke produced is all because of the increased effectiveness of the charge-air cooler. This maintains an enhanced electronic control system and induction air temperature.

Additionally, the smarter turbo gives out an effective kick. With the massive torque, acceleration is achieved – even in a larger vehicle. The improved torque feature is obtained through the smarter, newer turbo.

With a low speed option, one can reduce the speed by half at idle. Maneuvering becomes much simpler and with less effort. This is why greater control is absolutely possible for a driver’s ease.

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Addressing D12 Engine Problems To Consider

But with such great advancement comes some drawbacks. There is no question that the engine has been enhanced to perform better and more efficiently.

However, there were complaints about overheating. If you drive the truck for a few kilometers – say, four or five kilometers, there were issues brought up by drivers on the overheating of the engine.

Thankfully, Volvo trucks now offer a three-year or 350,000-mile warranty to owners of the D12 engine. Those who wish to increase their current vehicle’s lifespan may take advantage of the Volvo Guaranteed Overhaul program.

What this program means is that drivers can obtain a flexible and cost-effective option to prolong the lifespan of their vehicle while at the same time boosting the uptime.

There are four overhaul choices for the said program such as the:

  • GO Basic – includes all genuine Volvo parts, fluids, and filters that require an in-frame type of engine overhaul.
  • GO Plus – includes the Volvo Reman cylinder head, as well as the inclusions in the basic package.
  • GO Premium – aside from the benefits and features in the GO Plus, this package also includes a genuine Volvo injector and turbo set, as well as an extended warranty that is free of charge.
  • GO Reman Engine – this is a combination of the Volvo Reman three-quarter engine, a set of six genuine turbo and injectors, fluids, and filters. Thus, this offers an excellent remanufactured product offering of genuine Volvo. As an added bonus, it also comes with an extended special warranty.

With all these things in mind, problems with the D12 engine may occur, yet there are options to address these professionally with the help of the GO program. Thus, you can put your mind at ease knowing that there are expert solutions for any concerns you may be experiencing with your engine.

Bottom Line

Overall, the D12 engine by Volvo is a reliable and improved addition to the vehicle. This is why it is worth the investment, in addition to different programs offered to address any issues you may encounter along the way.

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