Volvo Car Alarm Keeps Going Off – Causes and Fixes You Should Know

When your Volvo car alarm keeps going off, it can get quite irritating indeed. Furthermore, it is an embarrassing thing to deal with since it attracts attention each time this happens.

And when this feature is activated in the middle of the night, your neighbors may complain because of this loud noise. You can even run the risk of getting a statutory nuisance notice because of your loud car alarm system going off at night. 

There are so many reasons why your car alarm keeps going off. These are the things we will discuss today, so you can prevent this issue by addressing these common causes appropriately.

volvo car alarm keeps going off

Why Your Volvo Car Alarm Keeps Going Off

By determining the triggers for an accidental wailing of a loud car alarm, you can take the best course of action to address this issue once and for all. In a nutshell, these are the common reasons behind this issue:

  • Low battery level
  • Malfunctioning key fob
  • Poor connection of the hood latch
  • Defective sensor of your hood latch
  • Problematic door lock sensor
  • Weak or sensitive sensor connection
  • Corroded battery terminals
  • Glitch to the control module
  • Wiring issues or disconnected circuitry
  • Improperly installed alarm system

There are many reasons why your Volvo car alarm keeps going off and we will learn more about them below:

1. Key fob issues

This is the most common reason your car alarm may keep going off. It has a short-range radio transmitter, which then delivers a distinct signal to your receiver unit found inside the car. When your key fob works right, it unlocks or locks your car and then jumpstarts the ignition with just a single push of the button. However, when it is not working properly, the key fob is unable to send the right signal to your receiver unit. Hence, the alarm simply goes off.

2. Issue with the hood latch sensor

Another issue you may encounter is a defect in the hood latch sensor. This also triggers the car alarm to randomly go off. On the other hand, when the hood sensor is working as it should, this picks up whenever the latch is open and then closes your electrical switch, and it also illuminates your dash with a notification light. But when there is a defect to the hood sensor, the alarm simply goes off no matter where you may be.

There are many reasons why the hood sensor may malfunction. However, one of the most common reasons behind this is dirt.  Since the sensor is positioned in your engine bay right above your headlight frame, it is susceptible to debris and dirt. This is why it can malfunction and cause the alarm to go off.

This is why it is important to clean the hood latch sensor using a good brush and brake cleaner. But if the alarm still goes off even if you have cleaned the sensor, then it may be damaged and need a replacement.

3. Hood latch connection issues

Next up is a problem with your hood latch connection. While this issue is not a frequent occurrence, it does happen and would need attention when the problem arises. When your hood latch is malfunctioning, this triggers a false alarm that can also impact the control unit. Hence, inaccurate commands may also happen such as turning your airbag light on in spite of not having any issues with this function. 

When you don’t see any damage signs, simply disconnect and then reconnect your hood latch connection. This technique often works well, or you may also have a look in your connection to check for cable binding or fraying, pull handle assembly issues, and latch damage or alignment. 

4. Door lock sensor issues

When your door lock sensors are not functioning well, the car alarm is also likely to go off. Thai is why you need to make sure that it is working as it should to prevent such issues with the car alarm. 

During the rainy weather, this increases the likelihood of moisture seeping through your door lock actuator connector. Then, this causes your release cable bracket to be susceptible to breakage. 

One thing you can do to prevent these issues is by sealing your connector with a protective grease. Then, look for the source of a water leak to fix the problem. Check if your door lock actuator works using your door switches or key fob and check for humming sounds each time you hit the switch. 

If there are issues with the actuator and the door lock connector, you may need to get the parts replaced. 

5. Low battery or corroded battery terminals

When your car battery is having problems, this can also trigger your car alarm to go off. This is why you may need to check the battery by using a voltmeter and checking the running voltage. If there is under 12.6 volts showing up, then you will either have to jolt the battery or get it replaced.

The same holds true with corroded or rusted terminals. Perhaps, the battery level is fine, yet the terminals have rust. This prevents your battery from giving ample power that then causes the car alarm to turn on.

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Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why your Volvo car alarm keeps going off. Be sure to check what may be causing this problem and address it with the right course of action depending on what triggers it. Then, you can get the issue resolved and prevent any inconveniences and headaches that come with a faulty car alarm.

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