Learn More About Subaru PZEV Problems

Subaru PZEV problems do occur, although these are not entirely common.

Basically, the Subaru PZEV, which stands for Partial Zero Emission Vehicle, is an eco-friendly and affordable option to the other Subaru models. While it uses regular unleaded fuel, the vehicle comes with technology that reduces smog production. Hence, the performance is comparable to the average vehicles that are not PZEV while being a more environment-safe option.

Moreover, the PZEV is regarded as a clean-running type of gas-powered vehicle. It also comes with advanced gas engines that produce very minimal emissions. But at the same time, some issues may occur with this vehicle. Here are some of the things to take note of when it comes to Subaru PZEV problems. 

Let’s dive right into it.

subaru pzev problems

Subaru PZEV Problems

As we have mentioned earlier,  the Subaru PZEV is regarded as an eco-friendly vehicle while running on gas. Yet, there are some issues that may come along including the ones below:

1. Fuel pump failure

Some users have encountered an issue with the fuel pump as it has been failing. In fact, about a million or so cars were affected by this issue. The said problem involves some defects with the fuel pump having a lower pressure than normal. Unfortunately, this is considered as a safety concern since the low pressure pump could eventually fail. When it is exposed to a solvent drying for an extended period, some fine cracks may soon develop. Then, the impeller may deform because of an excessive absorption of fuel. 

2. Battery drain

Another issue with the PZEV is premature draining of the battery. This is a concern among many users considering how it easily drains the battery without any unusual tasks performed by the engine and electrical components. 

3. Brake light switch problem

Some defects with the brake lights were also observed in a number of Subaru PZEV. What this means is that the brake lights do not turn on when you press on the pedal as you slow down. However, this is not just a matter of cleaning products getting stuck on the electrical contacts of the switch.

It involves the brake lights not illuminating and can increase the chances of rear end collisions. Thus, it can be a safety issue that would need immediate repair considering how problematic it can be when driving.

4. Windshield cracking

When you drive and a rock hits your windshield, chances are it can cause it to crack. However, if the windshield ends up cracking without any clear reason – meaning, it cracks spontaneously, then it is most definitely dangerous. This is why you would not want to get caught in such a difficult dilemma. 

The thing with this issue is that it is not like when it is chipped. The crack usually begins at the point of impact, which eventually spiders slowly outward as time passes by. Then, the crack gets bigger until major repairs are required.

There is also the case with the windshield glass being too thick and heavy. As a result, it increases the MPG rating of your vehicle. Unfortunately, this is not an easy nor cheap fix considering the fact that you have to get the entire windshield replaced.

5. Electrical system issue

Another concern with the Subaru PZEV is an electrical problem may be happening. If so, then you may be getting some serious concerns with your vehicle. The vehicle may continue powering your ignition coil even after you have turned the engine off. Thus, it can lead in a blown fuse and a short circuit. When a short circuit occurs as you drive your vehicle, it can cause some stalling, which increases the likelihood of a crash. 

6. Unintended acceleration

There have been reports of unintended acceleration with the Subaru PZEV, which is quite concerning. When acceleration occurs unintentionally, this is a safety risk since a crash is imminent. Sometimes, there are malfunctions to the powertrain control module, throttle body assembly, and the throttle position sensor. The brake override system may also fail when it is most needed to work.

There are several issues reported that are relevant to this concern. For instance, when the driver applies the brakes to shift and stop, yet the vehicle only accelerates instead of stopping.

There is another case with the vehicle being driven slowly when suddenly it began to accelerate and crashed into the fence. These were not reported to be the driver’s errors, and yet they did happen, which is quite concerning.

Other Problems With the Subaru PZEV

subaru pzev problems

The above-mentioned problems are just some of the things you may be concerned about the Subaru PZEV. Yet, there are a few other issues that are worth looking into, which can be a major concern with this vehicle.

For instance, there is the problem with transmission, which is a common complaint about this vehicle. Yet, there are also a few other things to keep in mind such as faults with the fuel pump, defects with the airbags, and some other relevant concerns.

The Subaru is known to be durable and robust, yet there are most definitely some issues linked with it. Engine troubles are some of these, and these may occur even with vehicles that are at a low mileage. 

Most importantly, the repairs can be quite expensive and intensive, which is why many owners are concerned about this problem.

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What You Can Do

As an owner of a Subaru PZEV experiencing these issues, there is not much you can do to avoid these problems since they may show up even when your vehicle does not have a lot of mileage on it yet. However, you can most certainly minimize the damage by taking your car to a mechanic at the first sight of a problem.

When symptoms arise, you should never hesitate or delay going to a specialist to have it inspected and repaired. Otherwise, you are putting your car at risk – as well as your own life – when you continue to drive with these problems.

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