RAM Frame Failure – Shocking Facts You Should Know!

You may be concerned about a RAM frame failure issue happening to your truck.

This is why you are wondering just how durable and reliable the RAM frame is. In fact, there has been some news about a frame failure with the RAM, leaving you very much concerned about it.

If you are curious and worried about it, keep reading to learn more. This post is all about the RAM frame – what to expect about it and a shocking failure that happened to a truck that you should definitely know.

Let’s get started.

ram frame failure

RAM Frame Failure Important Facts

If you have not known yet, there have been some reports about the RAM frame failure that happened to a truck. 

The photo of a Ram 3500 truck and an Eagle Cap camper on top of it went viral, and it showed the frame snapped in half. According to the owner, the frame simply cracked in half, although it was not overloaded. However, the factory warranty provider does not agree with this report and refused to cover the $17,000 worth of repairs to the truck.

The owner hauled the Eagle Cap and carried it for about 25,000 miles right across various areas including Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountains, and then to the next destination, in Baja, California. Prior to the incident, the truck and the camper did well. In fact, it was designed to carry up to 7800 pounds while the camper has a dry weight bearing 5000 pounds. However, since it was completely loaded, it reached as much as 6500 pounds.

When you conduct research on the Ram 3500’s maximum payload capacity, it is about 7680 pounds. But this is only for the long-bed model regular cab with a two wheel drive function and a 6.4-liter Hemi V8 engine. Yet, for the Ram 3500 in question, it has the 6.7-liter Cummins diesel engine and a four-wheel drive. Thus, the payload capacity is much lower.

With this in mind, it is not designed to carry such a hefty load. So, when you carry a camper weighing 4900 pounds when empty and equipped with several gears – along with passengers and various other items – the weight of the camper tends to hang off the truck’s rear. 

Unfortunately, this can cause damage to the truck. Combined with rough terrain, this should definitely cause serious problems to the truck and result in frame failure issues. 

When the affected truck was further inspected at the auto shop, it was reported that the truck was overloaded. Thus, it is not surprising that a frame failure would occur.

Heavy Duty But With Caution

Now, the Ram truck has unveiled a brand new chassis cab with a heavy duty design. It was expected to hold up to more than 35000 pounds as the towing capacity. This is why it is robust and designed to last for a long time.

The Ram 1500 pickup is a bit less of a workhorse than its more heavy duty counterparts such as the 3500, 4500 and the 5500. There are a few similarities, yet the interiors and bodywork vary. And of course, there is the much higher towing capacity for its more powerful counterparts.

Let us talk about the truck’s vehicle class or capability, which in the United States is categorized into four groups. For example, there is the Class 2 vehicle that means it has a gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000 pounds or less. This is the 2500 model truck or van. As for the class 3, it is the 3500 with a rating of 14000 pounds or under. Then, we have the class 4 at 16000 pounds or under and lastly, the class 5 with 19000 pounds or less. 

The work truck’s applications vary from standard pickups all the way to dump trucks, utility trucks, snow plows, and flatbeds. The main secret to the impressive towing capacity of the brand new Ram, which is at 35,220 pounds is in its framing design.

There is a new chassis based solely on the frame crafted from 97 percent of high quality steel. Moreover, it comes with a C-channel rear frame rail, and it uses 50,000 PSI steel. There are also 8 separate cross members that are roll-formed. What this means is that the truck may have a lightweight frame, but comes with optimum rigidity.

ram frame failure

Now, the brand new design of the Ram is suitable for chassis cab framing that is quite heavy duty. There is a front rail section that is hydroformed, and it is equipped with a wide frame rail width that should be able to accommodate the suspension spring’s outboard positioning that enhances roll stiffness.

Furthermore, this promotes a better ride quality, along with the front track’s weight carrying capacity. Therefore, it is more stable at the same time. With the 3500 class of truck, the cross member is long-weld, and this offers better reinforcement and stiffness. 

Another thing to note about these heavy duty commercial-use trucks is the design. The items in the truck’s parts behind the cab remain underneath the frame rails’ top. These are pre-drilled and equipped with mounting holes before being set with the C flat and the level. There are also two fuel tanks below the railing, and there are channels and fuel fillers inside its framing for the similar purpose. 

Since it has a self-level dual tank, there is no need for an operator switch for swapping tanks as it is being emptied. This adds to its convenience and function.

With a heavier capability, the suspension and stabilization parts are also enhanced. Therefore, one can expect the truck to be highly capable of heavy loads.

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While the Ram frame may be heavy duty and improved to carry heavier loads, it is still important to comply with the maximum payload capacity. By doing so, accidents such as frame failure can be prevented, which can be a real inconvenience and may even cause damage along the way.

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