What To Do With Peterbilt Dash Lights Not Working

Do you notice your Peterbilt dash lights not working?

There are many reasons behind this problem, so it is best to know exactly what may be causing it, so you can do the right technique that will address this issue.

Sometimes, it may be as simple as a sudden glitch on your dash. In this case, a simple reset of the dashboard should do the trick and fix it right up.

As for others, they may encounter this issue when you turn the engine on and realize there is no power to your dash. If this is the situation you are experiencing, then it is actually not as bad as you think. Usually, it is due to a blown fuse on your circuit, which also cuts the power off of your dashboard.

But as we have said, there are so many reasons why your Peterbilt dash lights may not be working. So, it is best to take a look at the common causes and what you can do to remedy this situation sooner rather than later.

peterbilt dash lights not working

Dealing With Peterbilt Dash Lights Not Working

When there appears to be no other significant issues other than your Peterbilt dash lights not working, it could mean that it is a problem with the fuse box.

If you are unable to locate the fuse box, you only need to check for it inside your truck’s front cab, which is found on the driver’s side. But with other models, it may be on the passenger side, so it is good to check both locations.

Once you have found your fuse box, you can take a look at these possible causes of the dash lights not working on your Peterbilt.

  • Blown fuse in your dashboard panel. If so, you may either replace your fuse box or the blown bulb.
  • Grounding connection suffers from a connection loss. This issue is often caused by loose connection on the wiring, which is an easy fix by tightening the connection using clamps.
  • A normal glitch on your dash program, which you can address with just a simple reset of the dash.
  • Connectors are rusty. Be sure to clean your connectors well. Or, if need be, replacing your wiring harness and keep all connections secure.
  • Only your dimmer works. Check your ECU software for updates required then this should reset the program and fix the problem.

Additional Information On Peterbilt Dash Lights Not Working

The issues mentioned above are the common reasons why your dash lights may not be working. So, it is best to check which one could be causing the problem to determine the right action to do that would fix it once and for all.

If the problem is with a blown fuse, then it helps to have basic knowledge on your circuit diagram. You will have to open your dashboard panel and check for a blown fuse.

The easiest way to tell if your fuse is blown is when it appears to be burned out. A lost connection is another tell-tale sign of a blown fuse, which is why you need to have it replaced. When you smell a burning odor coming from your fuse box, it could also mean your fuse is in need of a replacement.

But you should also not rule out the possibility of a glitch in your dashboard program. This is a common occurrence, which is why you should consider resetting your dashboard once before you get any significant replacement parts. A simple glitch is a very easy problem to fix and one of the common symptoms is not having any power on the dash.

When fixing a glitch a quick reset of your dashboard is all you need to do. Get in your truck and turn the brakes off. The doors should also be closed, then turn your key on and allow the engine to cycle for up to 30 seconds. Then turn your key off and repeat this process up to 4 times. This should reset your dashboard right away.

If the issue is not with a blown fuse, then a reset could simply solve the problem, causing your dash lights to turn back on right away.

You may also install a jumper wire in your junction box, so this should work with a poor tractor wiring. Then, remove the jumper prior to turning the lights on when you have it hooked to it with another truck. A short in your trailer coming from the plug to your gooseneck may occur, which turns the break off on the truck.

When you have a dead short, you just have to replace melted wires with new ones. In case you could not detect any distortion in your insulation after a dead short and once you have peeled the cover on your harness’ section in the steering column, just leave things as they are. Inspect if the rest of your wiring looks fine.

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Wrapping Up

Overall, Peterbilt dash lights not working can be caused by a number of issues. It may be due to a blown fuse, and in this case, you have to locate the fuse box, which is usually in front of your driver’s or passenger’s side cab. The location all depends on the model of your truck.

When you have a blown fuse, you should see some indications such as a burnt appearance or a burnt smell, in addition to not having power to your dash.

So, you need to have the fuse replaced if the issue is with this component. Or, you can do a reset of the dashboard system if you do not suspect a blown fuse. Tightening all connections can also solve the problem, which is why inspecting the wiring is important in figuring out what may be causing the dash lights to stop working in your truck.

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  1. For peterbilt 387 2007 dash board light issue can be a small fuse by 5 A who is behind to glow box in passenger side . Check the fuses over there.

  2. Thank you for sharing this tip, Lucuta. Checking the fuses is always a good first step in diagnosing any electrical issue in a vehicle. It’s great to hear that you were able to find and solve the problem with a simple fix like replacing a 5A fuse.

    Have a good day!!!!!!!


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