Peterbilt 378 Vs 379 – Which One Is Better?

If you are uncertain about the best truck to get, our Peterbilt 378 vs 379 should be able to help you make an informed decision.

While it is true that Peterbilt is highly regarded as one of the finest and most dependable brands of semi-truck, it still comes down to which model is the best for your needs and budget.

After all, buying a truck is a big investment. This is why you want to make sure that you get the right vehicle that suits you best.

With all these things in mind, let us have a look at some of the best options you have in the market today. We will cover the difference between two of the most popular models of Peterbilt trucks and which one may be a perfect fit for you. Let’s get started.

peterbilt 378 vs 379

Peterbilt 378 vs 379

The Peterbilt 378 is older than the Peterbilt 379, as it was the main truck of this brand from 1987 up until 2007. It is also an over-the-road type of truck that you can find with an aluminum-made hood. 

As for the cab doors, there are modifications made in late 2004. For instance, you can see that the mirrors  are now at the doorway section to the cab while there is no more port window post available. There is a larger peep window for this model and then by 2006, the doors now have a fresh new look for the window, which is angled to the hood. Thus, it offers better visibility, particularly for the right-side view. 

And most importantly, there are now back corner windows made easily accessible. So, this makes driving easier.

The Peterbilt 379 was first manufactured in 2007. This is why if you look for this model nowadays, you will mostly find used ones. The price point is also a bit lower than what you can find today, specifically the 389, which is the upgraded model of the 379. 

It is a model line of the brand’s Class 8 trucks, which was manufactured by Paccar’s Peterbilt division from 1987 up to 2007.  It is the successor truck model to the 359, hence, you can see some improvements and innovations to this later model.

Additionally, the Peterbilt 379 is designed as a conventional style cab truck. It does perfectly well for use in highways and long-haul drives. And most importantly, it is the Peterbilt model line’s flagship truck. 

During the time of its production, the Peterbilt 379 was quite popular among drivers and truck operators. In fact, the 379 was also the typical basis when it comes to truck customization, just like the Kenworth W900.

By 2007, the Peterbilt 379 was discontinued. However, the Peterbilt 389 replaced it, which boasts of further improvements to the older model. There is a longer hood and oval-shaped headlamp clusters to this newer truck model. And as a way of commemorating the 379’s end of production, there were about 1000 final examples designated to be the Legacy Class 379.

Interesting Facts About The Peterbilt 379

At the time of its peak of production, the Peterbilt 379 was the largest and best-selling highway truck. There were also two configurations produced such as the 119-inch bumper-to-back of cab length, and then the 127-inch BBC with an extended length of the hood. 

As we have mentioned earlier, the 379 is the later model for the 359. There is a larger windshield design, which is perfect for windshield wipers that are horizontally-mounted. There are also turn signals mounted on the headlamp, and these were newer add-ons to the truck. Thus, the standard has become rectangular-shaped headlamps.

When it comes to the cab structure of the Peterbilt 379, it is a bit similar to the ones produced ever since 1986. However, this is all with the exception of the Peterbilt 579 and 587. The doors are also quite the same as the 372 and 362 cabover trucks. 

During the peak of its popularity, the Peterbilt 379 has the most powerful engine required for Class 8 highway vehicles. It joins the ranks of other turbodiesel engines in the market such as the Caterpillar 3176, C12, C16, C11, and C15, as well as the 3404, the Cummins Big Cam NTC, ISXe5, ISMe5, ISX, ISM, N14, Detroit Diesel 60 series, and the Signature 600. 

Which One Should You Get?

When it comes to popularity and higher capability for long-haul drives on the highway, the Peterbilt 379 is an excellent choice between the two. You will find the ease in driving considering the turbodiesel engine that it comes with, which makes it far more efficient and faster.

However, do keep in mind that both the 378 and 379 are older models, nonetheless. These are not as powerful as the ones produced in the later years, particularly the 389. This is why you cannot expect to receive the same level of performance from these two models as compared to the most recently-produced trucks in the market. 

Another thing we would like to add is that the exhaust on the Peterbilt 378 typically routes between the cab and the frame. As for the 379, this is under the frame. In terms of appearance and design, the 378 and the 357 are quite identical, yet the 357 is not a sleeper truck. But as a day cab, there is not much of a difference between the 378 and the 357. 

Generally, the 357 is more like a vocational type of 378 minus the air ride option or sleeper. So, if you want a sleeper, the 378 is for you but if you want more length and more power to your truck, the 379 is hands down a great choice.


We hope this Peterbilt 378 vs 379 has been helpful for you. All things considered, your choice largely depends on your preference. The cabs between the two are pretty much similar yet the mounting is higher on the Peterbilt 378. This is why the hood comes with a steeper angle, yet the BBC measurements are similar when it comes to the 379 and 378 short hood models.

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