All You Should Know About The Freightliner Stop Engine Light

Just like with smaller vehicles, you may come across some issues with your freightliner stop engine light.

You may simply be driving on the road, only to discover that the stop engine light comes on. When this happens, it can most certainly be concerning since there are some dangers that come with this issue. Which is why you should not ignore it unless the light quickly goes out. 

Thus, it is always best to have your vehicle checked by your mechanic to avoid further problems along the way.

So, what does the stop engine light actually mean? We investigate and give you all the important details below!

freightliner stop engine light

Freightliner Stop Engine Light – What It Means

There are many reasons why your stop engine light may turn on. For some instances, it may be so minor that there is nothing to be very much concerned about. 

It may be something as less serious as a loose gas cap. However, there may also be a chance that the engine is encountering a very serious problem. But it is also possible that the light switches on when the vehicle is running low on oil.

There were also reports of the stop engine light turning on when there are mice in the component affected. An example would be mice chewing on your wires. The error code may be presenting a problem, and yet the issue is solely with your wires chewed on by these rodents.

But then again, there may be a problem with your spark plugs. These components may require changing, or you may have to check the engine coil, as well as get the catalytic converter replaced. Other possible reasons for the stop engine light that is being illuminated include a malfunction to your oxygen sensors, or your thermostat.

Now, it is not quite too easy for many people to tell what component their indicator light is pertaining to. Yet, if you see that the light goes from yellow and then turns to red and begins to blink, you should pay close attention to this warning and do something about it sooner than later.

Issues With The Freightliner Stop Engine

According to some people who have encountered this issue with the Freightliner stop engine light, there were truckers that parked their vehicle at one point to take care of some errands. Apparently, everything appeared to be fine until the time they came back. At this point, they saw that the warning lights started to flash. It was confusing to these drivers since everything was fine before they parked the vehicle. 

Now, there are instances when the lights may start to flash all of a sudden or in some cases, there may be a need for a regen. Moreover, the Freightliner is quite known for this issue with the lights flashing on and off without any apparent reason. One possible cause is that there is a short in your system.

Furthermore, the lights may be an indication of an issue with the sensors affecting your emissions system. This is why if you encounter a problem with your stop engine light, you may want to have a specialist take a look at the issue to further evaluate and fix the problem.

But it may be worth looking into the coolant level. It is also a possibility that it is starting to get low. Hence, you should make it a point to inspect it and maintain the level close to the max line. By doing so, you can reduce the chances of the light turning on and off too often.

There are a few other potential causes of this stop engine light. For one, it may be a wiring concern. The injector may have gone bad, or you have a malfunctioning sensor, which are also other probable triggers to this stop engine light concern. 

Moreover, there are cases when the engine has been overheating, or you have your crankcase pressure turned off. But then again, it is always tricky to actually pinpoint the actual cause of the problem when you do not have a particular error code to analyze. 

But if you are encountering some serious problems that cause the stop engine light to come on, such as low oil levels, regen issues, or a low coolant level – or even perhaps a malfunction to your AC – then you will most certainly have to get an expert to take a closer look at your vehicle to see what exactly is going on with it. 

You may also want to be proactive about it and consult the manual, which should give you an idea on the meaning of the codes present, in case you are able to have access to such error codes for you to analyze.

Do take note that modern engines would need scanners that will help to determine the error code, which will allow you to identify the actual problem that is present with your vehicle. You can also go to your dealer, in case you don’t have a scanner, then they will get it checked for you.

What You Can Do

There are many people who wonder if it is possible to disable their check engine light. While this may be done, it is not highly recommended. As you can see, the check light is a part of an intricate system, which means if you shut it down, you are also closing down your other warning systems. 

You may remove the fuse that controls the power to this light, but then if it still does not cause the light to turn off, there is most definitely another issue with your vehicle’s computer. So, you should get the issue addressed by a professional instead of simply turning the light off. Otherwise, you may be putting your truck at risk of more serious damages that can lead to more expensive repair works.

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