Paccar PX-8 Problems And What To Do With These

You may be wondering about Paccar PX-8 problems and whether it is a good engine or not.

For some people, this engine may count as a good one that’s quite dependable. However, it is not always the same for all.

In fact, there are some issues that come along with this engine.

So, if you are thinking about getting the Paccar PX-8, or you have already gotten one and have been wondering about what to expect, keep reading to learn more.

paccar px-8 problems

Paccar PX-8 Problems

How bad are Paccar PX-8 engines, anyway?

Some people have been talking about the ones made in early 2008, or something even earlier than this year. And you may also be thinking about getting one with the same model year.

What issues can you expect from it?

For most people, they were able to enjoy long drives with this engine and never had issues. For others, they did shorter runs such as about 400 miles without issues.They were able to do about 2 to 3 loads per week. 

Moreover, the miles have been consistent and the CPM is not bad at all. 

Basically, PX engines are re-branded engines by Cummins. It is also possible that there is a need for a set of injectors, and to have the EGR system and the DPF cleaned. 

Paccar also comes with its own line of their diesel truck engines. The 13-liter tends to have issues but it should be relatively simple to sort out many of the issues. The horsepower can go up to 500 TQ.

Furthermore, you should be able to get a Paccar engine for the Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks. But there is an issue with parts shortage, yet it has improved over the years.

Things To Note About The Paccar PX-8

paccar px-8 problems

There are also a few concerns about the Paccar PX-8. For instance, there were complaints about it experiencing a power loss, although it does not last too long. It tends to occur less frequently while there are instances when it can recur more often than it should. 

After checking the ECM for an error code, you may discover that it is due to a camshaft position sensor with an invalid or intermittent signal. The code’s count matches the frequency of the power loss experienced. 

But at the same time, the fault does not have any impact on the performance of the engine since the ECM utilizes the crankshaft speed sensor as primary while the camshaft speed sensor is a backup. However, there appears to be a constant issue with the crankshaft speed sensor because the engine also tends to lose power.

Now, when troubleshooting this issue, you may want to take the plug harness off to your crankshaft sensor and inspect for any issues. But the trouble is with knowing how you can pull the plug out since it can be quite complex. You may find yourself in this dilemma and wonder how to get it done. 

This is why taking your vehicle to an experienced mechanic is always a good idea when you are at a loss on what you should do. By doing so, you can get the problem addressed appropriately and get the result you want.

Another common complaint is with the Paccar PX-8 engine SCR and DEF issues. After replacing the NOX sensor injector, the truck is able to run without any problems for a couple of days. Then, a fault code appears, specifically the 3582. This has something to do with the SCR catalyst conversion efficiency. At other times, it may be an error related to a DEF/SCR service required and then the red light may be illuminated.

What you can do is to pull the decompression tube and inspect for any crystal buildup that may be on your mixer plate. There are also other things that may cause this error such as a faulty catalyst, which is actually quite common for older trucks. A leaking DEF injector may also be possible, so it is best to have your vehicle inspected by a professional to gain a better understanding of what you need to do and remedy the issue once and for all.

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Final Word

There are quite a few Paccar PX-8 problems, and some of these can be simple while others are a bit more complex to deal with. This is why it is essential to have your vehicle checked by an expert to make sure that no further issues are present and to avoid getting more invasive repairs done that can also be quite expensive.

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  1. I had a px8 ,my advice stay away from it junk with a capitol J first 24000 miles my turbo went out around two weeks later my injectors were bad they said (dealer) thank goodness it was all warranty but the downtime was a killer. EGR valve went bad then the EGR cooler plus. Various sensors ,I finally took it to an independent mechanic whose name should remain secret that did a complete delete of the stupid dpf system my mileage went up to 8_ mpg over the 3_4 it was getting beforehand my power went up a moderate amount not crazy but very noticeable! Then I retired .! The truck had only 77000 miles on it ,I’m told that it was still performing well two years later,oh by the way I had a mechanical at the dealers check the emissions ,,,it passed with flying colours !so what did all that stuff do?????



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