P0650 Chevy Silverado Causes And Solutions

Have you been wondering about the P0650 Chevy silverado code?

The Silverado is a dependable vehicle, yet some issues may arise at one point or another. For instance, you may notice the P0650 code, which is basically a powertrain code lined with the computer output circuit problem. One of these includes the internal computer failure.

So, what this means is that there is a malfunction in your malfunction indicator lamp. This is why it is important to determine what is the cause of the problem and what can be done about it.

Keep reading to understand what this code means exactly and the right solutions or troubleshooting techniques you can do. Let’s jump right into it.

p0650 chevy silverado

P0650 Chevy Silverado Code

When you see the P0650 code in your Chevy Silverado, this means that there is a malfunction or fault with your control circuit on your malfunction indicator lamp or check engine light. The light notifies you when there are existing issues with your vehicle. So, if the lamp does not work, you may not be alerted of problems.

Among the problems linked with the P0650 code are the following:

  • Damaged or corroded wiring, as well as some other electrical components in your CAN bus harness
  • Loose or damaged control module ground strap wire
  • Defective or damaged CAN bus
  • Defective or damaged malfunction indicator lamp circuit
  • Defective or malfunctioning check engine light bulb
  • Faulty PCM

There are a few symptoms that are pointing towards the direction of a P0650 code. For instance, your check engine light may illuminate. You may also notice that your service engine soon lamp does not switch on whenever there is a problem. Or, the service engine soon lamp may light up even when there are no problems.

In some cases, there may not be any symptoms at all except for the stored P0650 code. 

With all these things in mind, there are a few things that the mechanic can do to diagnose this P0650 code. They may use an OBD-II scanner for checking any stored P0650 code. Then, they will check if the lamp turns on even for a few seconds after starting the vehicle. However, the light should turn off afterwards.

A bulb inspection is also essential in further checking for problems. Perhaps the bulb has burned out or the bulb is not sitting flush, which is why there may be no proper electrical connection.

Next, a visual inspection of the electrical connections and wiring will be done to determine any signs of corrosion or damage. Sometimes, connectors may have some broken terminals, bent pins, or corroded portions. So these will be checked, as well.

Lastly, a digital volt can help in checking for shorts to open circuits or ground. This way, you can fully determine the actual cause of the problem.

Additional Pointers When Checking The P0650 Code

When you diagnose the code, it is always best to repair the issue in the order of appearance. Oftentimes, subsequent codes determine a problem’s symptom higher up, which is typical with the P0650 code. 

As for the severity of the P0650 code, it is important to understand that your driving operation may not be entirely impacted. However, there are some problems to take note of, which can be just as serious. Therefore, we highly advise that you do not take this issue lightly. Once the code shows up, it is always better to get it checked by a specialist for further inspection and repair.

Among the repairs that may be done when the P0650 code shows up include:

  • Replacement of burned out LED or bulb
  • Fix the positioning of the bulb to achieve proper electrical connection
  • Replacement of corroded wires
  • Straightening of bent pins
  • Replacement or repair of damaged terminals
  • Replacement of defective ECM
  • Clearing all codes
  • Test-driving the vehicle and rescanning if codes reappear

It is important to note that there are vehicles that need multiple failure cycles for fully storing the trouble code. This is why it makes perfect sense to consult your manual for the actual information suitable for your vehicle’s model and make. 

With the complex electrical circuitry involved in the repair of the P0650 code, you need to have a professional check this issue to obtain your desired results.

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The P0650 Chevy Silverado code can mean a number of things. It could be linked with a fault in the malfunction indicator lamp, a short to the malfunction indicator lamp bulb, or a poor electrical connection to your malfunction indicator lamp bulb circuit. Additionally, there may be an issue with your ECM. 

With all these things being said, it is important to begin by checking the potential causes of the P0650 code. Check or inspect the relevant wiring harness, as well as connectors. Be sure that the components are not damaged and there is no corrosion to the connectors. 

When you experience the issue intermittently, you need to move any related connectors or harnesses as you monitor the scan tool for the MIL control circuit. Conduct this test while having your ignition turned on but the engine should stay off. Be sure that you keep your engine running. Your MIL control circuit status parameters should change to not run from the OK status when there is a problem with your connection or circuit. 

As for the cost involved in diagnosing the P0650 code, it depends on the make and model of your vehicle or the engine type. It usually takes about an hour and may cost about $75 to as much as $150 an hour.

Overall, this is an issue that may not impact your safety while driving. However, if the issue persists, you need to address it correctly to prevent further problems from recurring. Since it is a bit of a nuisance and inconvenience, it is best to get the issue straightened out by a specialist.

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