Nextbase 622gw Problems And What You Should Do 

Are you encountering some Nextbase 622gw problems?

Having a good dash camera for your vehicle is helpful when you need further security and convenience during your drive. 

One of the most popular dash cams out there is the Nextbase 622gw. In fact, it offers numerous features and benefits, which is why many people consider buying this dash cam. However, is it indeed worth it? Or are there problems that you need to know more about?

Today, we will dive into the most common Nextbase 622gw problems and a few other things to know about this product. Let’s get started.

nextbase 622gw problems

What Are Common Nextbase 622gw Problems

It is not always too easy to find the right dash cam for your vehicle. This is why it is good to have a better grasp at what to expect about the product when you are looking to buy a dash cam. By doing so, you can prevent experiencing any regrets with the item you have purchased.

Now, the Nextbase 622gw is a decent camera. However, it is not without any faults. In fact, there are a few concerns that some people have experienced when using this product. For instance, there were those who were disappointed with this dash cam. They claim to have spent so much money for it, in addition to a Nextbase SD card. 

But that is not all, they have reported that the camera ended up freezing a few times. The image was stuck and would just freeze. In other cases, even after trying to turn it off and back on, it also froze. 

However, there are a few recommendations that you can try when you notice that the camera tends to freeze a lot. You need to make sure that the SD card is not half full or not full at all, so you can prevent the camera from freezing.

Also, you can try formatting the card regularly and avoid using other cards. You can format it on your computer, which should help with the freezing issue. Additionally, you can simply take the card out of the camera, format it on your PC, and then place your cam to one side and allow the power to drain so you can turn it off.

Afterwards, you can let it cool down. When the unit has cooled, you can place the card back inside. Then, you should be able to mount it and then it should work perfectly fine. The most common reason why it freezes is when the card is full and when the camera is overheating. 

So, if you prevent these from happening, you should not have any concern with your camera.

Another complaint people have about this camera was that the footage appears to be quite fuzzy and grainy. At night, the lights tend to be distracting, which is another drawback. Now, the camera comes with a few settings that range from 4k 30 fps and then 1080p 30 fps. Even after trying these settings, some users have reported to still get the grainy output with the exception of the 4k 30 fps. The latter is tolerable, yet still has a bit of a blur and glare.

Now, the camera also records files for the low quality and high quality resolution. But even after turning the option off, the blur is still observed with the output quality. There is also an issue with turning the image stabilization off to achieve a better quality, which is what the support page recommended. While this helps somewhat slightly and during an extreme weather condition, it still does not make the quality quite excellent.

Overall, many complaints were raised regarding the poor image quality and also the issue with freezing. This is why there are concerns whether this product is worth purchasing or not, considering its hefty price tag.

There are also those who question if they have installed the product incorrectly. For instance, the footage appears to be blurred or problematic, and they wonder if it was due to the poor installation or other causes.

nextbase 622gw problems

Points to Consider

According to the manufacturer, the Nextbase 622gw is a reasonably-priced camera to buy considering the specifications and functions it has. For example, it offers different options for the video quality. However, you do need to make sure that your memory card has ample space to be able to capture various footage.

But if you are fine with using minimal quality, the 1440p 60 fps and even the 1080p 120 fps also do the job well. There is also a six-layer lens that comes with a polarizing filter that you can remove. This is why it is capable of minimizing reflection and windscreen glare, which also impacts the quality of the footage.

Now, the camera can capture various video lengths. If you want longer clips, then you can do three minutes to as short as a minute. This is helpful as it gives you options.

The viewing angle also varies, yet Nextbase highly recommends the 140-degree viewing angle for a more optimal experience. With this wide angle, you should be able to get the image quality and resolution that you prefer.

In terms of the sound quality, these also appear to be quite good. It can pick up even quiet voices and sounds in such a clean and flawless manner. However, if you want to maintain privacy while recording, then you can also turn the sound recording off. This is another good option to have with this dash cam. 

Other great features include the wide screen display, responsive buttons, and excellent connectivity option. However, there is no built-in memory, which means you need to get a microSD card to save your footage. It is also important that you use only the recommended microSD card to avoid incompatibility issues. 

Now, this dash cam does have all the bells and whistles you like. But you need to buy some extra accessories, which is a big downside.

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Overall, Nextbase 622gw is a decent camera designed for the purpose it serves. There are however some issues to consider, so it is good to weigh the pros and cons before making a purchase.

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  1. I have had two 622GW cameras since 5/23. The first camera NEVER worked, could not get past the NEXTBASE screen. It was replaced by the store where purchased(not nextbase). The second 622GW has worked OK for about 6-7 months before having problems such as re-starting while driving. Have been in contact with Customer Support. They are SLOW. Have done everything they ask and testing of my own, to no avail. They seem to resist replacing or repairing the camera. I am unable to get to the SETUP screen. The camera will not record, the SD card(NEXTBASE) has been initialized on my computer, so that’s not a problem. Bottom line is the Flagship camera is poorly designed and poorly engineered piece of junk. In addition, the manufacturer is resistant to honoring the 1 year warranty. Looks like I will need find a different brand camera.


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