How To Disable LYTX Drivecam – Tips, Tricks and Important Considerations

Are you looking to find out how to disable LYTX drivecam? 

Although this camera is useful, there are some reasons why you may want to know how to get this done. After all, you would not want to constantly record just about any event while you are driving.

Some drivers may also get a bit distracted when the camera is recording, which is why they would rather have their drivecam disabled. 

If this is exactly how you feel, then go ahead and check out some tips on disabling the LYTX drivecam that you have been wanting to know. Let’s get started.

how to disable lytx drivecam

The LYTX Drivecam

Before we talk about disabling the LYTX drivecam – or if this is even possible to do, let’s talk about the numerous functions and features of this device. Basically, the LYTX drivecam boasts of a breakthrough technology that conventional dash cams cannot offer. It uses AI and machine vision in identifying and categorizing moments that are “essential”, so you can see any risk as they happen.

Moreover, the technology is intended to help you detect and quickly avoid any distracted driving, which is actually the biggest safety problem when driving. The unit is rugged, robust and reliable, and it comes with everything you need in just one piece. Installation and connection are fairly easy and straightforward, so you can get it done quickly. 

Another thing about the LYTX drivecam is that you can configure it in simple ways to do a few tasks such as recording events through a combination of AI and MV. Thus, you can capture and categorize any risky driving activities in an accurate manner. 

With the LYTX drivecam, you should also be able to get in-cab alerts in real time. The audio and light alerts notify you of any risky behaviors you may be engaging in. Hence, you can keep your focus back on the road where it should be when driving. 

Other awesome features of the LYTX drivecam include a builtin driver ID solution, low-light visibility, continual video, and wide angle dual lens. If recording is something that distracts you, then there is an option to perform risk detection without having to record it. Plus, there is an option to ensure an ECM connection and integrated microphone to make some recordings from the inside and the outside of your vehicle. 

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How To Disable LYTX Drivecam

We understand that not everyone is keen on activating their LYTX drivecam. For instance, there are folks who would rather not have their forward-facing camera turned on. One of the common reasons behind this is that the unit tends to increase their anxiety level since the lights activate each time there are triggers.

While it may not bother some drivers, it can be very distracting for others. This is why disabling the camera sounds like a good idea. Others instinctively look up at their camera just to check if the unit lights up, and this is kind of unnecessary while at the same time distracting drivers who should keep their eyes on the road.

Additionally there were concerns about some people not enjoying being filmed or recording the whole driving experience. 

So, if you are looking to disable the LYTX drivecam, you can simply power it off. This should disconnect it and stop recording. But if for some reason, it does not work, then you may want to visit your dealership for a more definitive answer.

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