Hyundai Sonata Car Alarm Keeps Going Off – Troubleshooting Tips

Are you starting to get frustrated that your Hyundai Sonata car alarm keeps going off?

We understand how this can be a source of annoyance with some folks. After all, your vehicle is not supposed to work this way.

The alarm system should go off only when triggered by the right factors. So, if you constantly notice this issue, then something must be done.

If you find yourself at a loss in what you need to do, then you may want to try the following tips to disable alarm Hyundai Sonata owners like you can try. Let’s get started.

hyundai sonata car alarm keeps going off

Troubleshooting Techniques – Hyundai Sonata Car Alarm Keeps Going Off

Your Hyundai Sonata sends off an alarm only when there are appropriate triggers. These common situations include:

  • Opening the door without using the key or remote.
  • Not unlocking the vehicle with the remote before attempting to open the hood.
  • Lifting the trunk without unlocking the car first.

When the alarm goes off because of one of these situations, then you can try to do a Hyundai Sonata alarm reset. Deactivate the alarm, which will then cease the honking while there’s the flashing of the turn signal lights.

Expect the sounds and lights to go on for about 27 seconds, yet you can repeat the process until the alarm goes off.

Also, you can do the following tips:

1. Select the Unlock Button

Look for the “open padlock” image in the wireless transmitter of your vehicle. Click the button that unlocks the vehicle as you point the transmitter at your Sonata.

2. Unlock The Doors

Open the door of your vehicle by using the ignition key. This will unlock your car’s doors while allowing you to access the driver’s seat.

Place your key right into the ignition then do a clockwise turn of the ignition cylinder. You will have to turn it the farthest direction possible before you can crank the engine.

Then, keep the key in the same spot for about 30 seconds. This will then cause the system to deactivate.

3. Start The Car

Unlock the door by inserting the key in the appropriate location and turning it twice – first to the right then to the left. Start your vehicle by inserting your key into your Sonata’s ignition. Begin by tuning into the unlock position, hold still for about two seconds, then open the door.

It should stop the alarm and solve the issue right away.

Hyundai Sonata Alarm Reset – How It’s Done

Another thing that experts recommend when your Hyundai Sonata car alarm keeps going off is a simple reset.

If this is the route you wish to take, then you can perform the following steps:

  • Keep your ignition switch firmly in “Run” while the security light continues to blink for about 10 minutes.
  • Start your engine by doing a clockwise turn of your ignition switch once the light ceases to flash.

By performing these steps, this results in a reset to the Passlock system of your vehicle while starting the engine.

Disabling Your Sonata’s Alarm

If a reset does not work, you can also consider disabling the alarm system. In this case, you can try the following steps:

  • Close all doors by pressing the key fob’s unlock button.
  • For the second time, press the same button. Do this within the first 4 seconds of the previous step. This will cause the turn signal lights to blink twice, which means you have already disabled the alarm system.
  • Turn the alarm off by pressing on the key’s panic button.

Other Factors Take Note Off Why The Car Alarm Keeps Going Off

other factors take note off why the car alarm keeps going off

Now, you may also want to investigate certain possibilities that cause the alarm to keep going off.

It could be that the battery is low, which triggers the on and off sound of the car alarm. Sometimes, all it takes is for you to turn the engine on and the alarm immediately goes off. This is the case when your battery is about to die.

In this case, you will need to determine your battery’s charge level using a voltmeter. This is worth looking into if your alarm simply goes off without obvious possible reasons.

Furthermore, there are a few other reasons why your car alarm simply goes off. These include:

  • Sensitive Shock Sensor
  • Battery Terminals Are Worn Out
  • Faulty Key Fob
  • Dirty Hood Latch Sensor
  • Poor Installation Of The Car Alarm
  • Latch Sensor Has Debris And Needs Cleaning

Thus, it is worth looking into these possible reasons behind the alarm going off. Then, you can perform the right strategy to get the issue resolved as indicated in the previous sections.

Bottom Line

When your Hyundai Sonata car alarm keeps going off, it can be a sign of some problems.

The battery charge may be low, there could be damages to the battery terminals, the key fob needs replacement, or the car alarm is installed poorly.

Fortunately, there are reset or alarm disabling techniques you can do to resolve these issues. But if the problem continues to persist, a specialist should be able to help you fix this concern in no time.

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