Hyundai Interior Lights Won’t Turn Off – Simple Ways To Fix It

Are you concerned that your Hyundai interior lights won’t turn off?

Your interior lights are controlled by several switches in your car. So, if your interior lights are not turning off, it means that various switches or triggers are causing these lights to stay on.

Hyundai cars typically have interior lights with automatic switches. Unfortunately, the sophisticated mechanisms cause it to be more prone to failures than those with older systems.

So, if you want to get the interior lights of your Hyundai working properly once more, you may want to check out this guide to solve this issue.

hyundai interior lights wont turn off

What To Do When Hyundai Interior Lights Won’t Turn Off

Why do your interior lights fail to turn off automatically?

There are many reasons behind this problem. For instance, the headlight switch may be placed in a counter-clockwise position, on the furthest side. Moreover, it may also stay on when the dashboard light control switch is activated accidentally.

Sometimes, when the switches are messed around with, this can also cause the interior lights to stay on and not turn off.

Interior lights come in different types such as your map lights, dashboard lights, and dome lights. There are instances when one or all of these lights malfunction. It can be a cause of annoyance or inconvenience while at other times, it can pose some safety concerns.

If this problem presents itself and arises a few times, there are a few reasons behind it.

  • Not latching the front hood properly
  • Doors are not closed fully
  • Door ajar switch is malfunctioning
  • Missing or damaged button for turning interior lights off
  • Dimmer switch is adjusted to the furthest position

With these things in mind, let us talk about the different ways on how to fix this issue of Hyundai interior lights not turning off.

1. Adjust the light switch.

You may want to start by adjusting your dome light switch. All Hyundai cars come with a switch, so it is only a matter of working with it to turn it off. Be sure to not place it to the highest or furthest setting. This way, the light will not stay on.

However, if you are unable to turn it off even after adjusting the switch, then it could pose another issue. It may mean that you have a faulty switch.

2. Check the door switches.

Interior lights that don’t turn off are also triggered by doors left open accidentally. Hence, you may want to open your doors and inspect the switches.

If you see an open switch, you will have to manually press it to check if this causes the light to turn off. But if you notice that nothing happens even after working with the switches, or the switches fail to click, then it could mean these are faulty.

3. Restart the car.

Start your Hyundai car and let the engine run for about 7 minutes. Next, turn the car off and remove the key. Shut your doors one by one and make sure they are properly closed. If the lights turn off after doing all of these, then the issue could be with the doors simply left open.

Hyundai Interior Lights Won’t Turn Off – Additional Facts

If you think that leaving the interior lights on because they simply won’t turn off is okay, think again…

Unfortunately, this will cause the battery to deplete its reserves. The lights rely on your battery to run, so if you keep them on, it will drain your battery over time. While a simple jumpstart can fix the problem, it will be better not having to deal with this problem because of your interior lights kept on.

Our tips above should be able to help you address this issue about interior lights in your car not turning off. However, if they simply don’t work, then you can try disconnecting your battery and removing your dome box fuse. Disconnect the dome lights relay. This will immediately turn the lights off once removed.

If none of these steps work, you can always head over to a professional to get this issue fixed. Mechanics may charge you between $50 and $100 for this type of repair. The price depends on the workshop where you go – the more specialized, the more expensive it is.

Final Words

Interior lights that don’t turn off could be linked with several issues. It could be the door left open or the switch turned to the furthest setting.

You can consider checking the different situations that cause the interior lights to stay on by following the tips we have shared with you. But if none seems to help, you may need to visit a professional to help you address this problem once and for all.

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