Hyundai Horn Doesn’t Beep When I Lock The Car

We have heard a number of people complain, “The Hyundai horn doesn’t beep when I lock the car.”

Ever wondered why this happens?

Basically, the anti-theft alarm on your vehicle is linked to your horn system. It is also programmed to honk, based on the vehicle owner’s request.

But what if the horn does not beep when you lock the car? Does this indicate a problem?

Find out why exactly this happens and what you can do about it. Let’s get started.

hyundai horn doesn't beep when i lock the car

Hyundai Horn Doesn’t Beep When I Lock The Car

Most vehicles nowadays are equipped with a panic button. This sets off the car alarm whenever you press the button. However, there are those that only require a single press of the door-lock button found on the car key, which produces a honking sound. This is an audible-chirp function that depends on the alarm model and your vehicle’s programming instructions.

If your horn does not beep when you lock the car, you may consider the following steps to check what may be happening and what you can do to remedy this issue.

1. Check if the lock button works.

Test if you hear a honk when you press on the key fob’s lock button. You can also try pressing this button a few times consecutively. There are some devices that don’t beep or honk unless you tap the button twice after locking.

So, if you only hear the light flashing but there is no honk, then it is possible that the chirp function is disabled. However, if there is no light flashing at all, then there can be another issue to look into.

2. Read the manual for alarm system information.

Some cars may not let you set this chirp function. It usually depends on the model of the alarm system. So, you may want to enable this feature using your key fob by following the directions in the manual.

3. Inspect for some obstructions.

More often than not, this issue with the beep or lack of it could be caused by an obstruction. Perhaps the door is still open or there is an object that got caught when you closed the door, which is why it is not closed completely. Make sure that nothing is causing the door to remain open for whatever reason.

4. Reset the lock button.

You may want to reset the lock if it still fails to work even after trying all of these steps. Hold your lock and unlock button at the same time. Then, wait for the honk to come on and release. This should reset the lock, and you should hear the honk when you lock the car.

Other Important Points To Consider

Once you have tried all of these steps yet did not get any success with hearing the beep when you lock the car, then you can take the key to the dealership and ask if this feature is available on your particular car model.

They should be able to let you know if this function is included at all, or if you can program the alarm yourself. There are many self-programmable alarms while others may require your dealership to have this feature activated.

Furthermore, you may want to make sure that your locks are still working as they should. Check to make sure that the security horn assembly works well or what happens when the panic button is pressed. If you still don’t hear a beep, yet it is indeed a feature your car model has, then the security horn may be broken and need to be fixed.

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Final Thoughts

With an anti-theft alarm system and a chirp feature when locking the car, you can ease your worries each time you leave your car in the parking lot or garage. If this feature is not working, it is best to consult your dealership, so you can determine the reason why it is not functioning as it should. It may need to be programmed, or a reset may be helpful, or some repairs may be necessary.

2 thoughts on “Hyundai Horn Doesn’t Beep When I Lock The Car”

  1. I own a 2023 Tuscon Ultimate Hybrid and there is no honking when I lock the vehicle and the fob works intermittently what is the problem?

    • Here are a few things you can check:

      Key Fob Battery: Intermittent key fob issues could be related to a weak or dying battery in the key fob. Replace the battery and see if that resolves the problem.

      Key Fob Programming: Ensure that the key fob is properly programmed to your vehicle. Refer to your owner’s manual for instructions on how to reprogram it, if necessary.

      Fob Signal Range: Sometimes, key fob issues can occur if you are too far away from the vehicle when trying to lock it. Make sure you are within the recommended range when using the key fob.

      Vehicle Battery: The lack of honking when locking the vehicle could be related to a low or weak vehicle battery. If the vehicle battery is weak, it may not have enough power to trigger the horn when locking. Have the vehicle’s battery voltage checked.

      Settings in the Infotainment System: Some vehicles allow you to customize settings for locking and honking through the infotainment system. Check the settings in your vehicle’s infotainment system to see if the honk on lock feature is enabled.

      Faulty Key Fob: If the key fob itself is damaged or malfunctioning, it may need to be replaced.

      Electrical Issues: Intermittent electrical issues can be more complex and may require professional diagnosis. If none of the above steps resolves the problem, it’s advisable to have the vehicle checked by a Hyundai dealership or a qualified automotive technician. They can perform a diagnostic test to identify any underlying electrical or communication issues.

      Warranty: If your vehicle is still under warranty, consider contacting your Hyundai dealership to have them address the issues. They may be able to provide solutions or perform any necessary repairs covered by the warranty.

      Remember that diagnosing and repairing electrical issues can be complex, so it’s often best to seek professional assistance to ensure the problem is resolved correctly and safely.


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