Honda Civic Trunk Not Opening? Reasons And Solutions To Consider

When you have a Honda Civic trunk not opening, this can be a major inconvenience.

Just when you need to open your trunk to put some things in, or you need to take your baggage out, the trunk appears to be stuck.

You may be wondering what could have caused this problem – and if there is anything you can do about it.

Find out the common causes of a stuck trunk and what techniques you can try to make sure it works as it should. Let’s dive right into it.

honda civic trunk not opening

Honda Civic Trunk Not Opening – Common Causes

If you worry about your trunk not opening, there are a number of reasons why this may happen. 

Do keep in mind that your trunk’s lock has the same lock system as that of your car door. And although the mechanism may vary, the function is pretty much the same thing. Yet, the trunk can get stuck and remain closed because of certain factors.

This is why it can be quite an inconvenience when this happens. So, it is important to know how to troubleshoot this problem to make sure you are able to access the items in your trunk.

These are some of the things that cause your trunk to get stuck and useful techniques worth trying to get your trunk door to open as it should.

1. Keys inside your trunk.

If you have accidentally left your keys in the trunk, then you will not be able to open it when you would normally rely on pressing the key to open it.

There are some moments when you may have forgotten your key inside, or perhaps it has fallen accidentally into your trunk. If this is the case, the only way for you to get it to open is by having someone give you a spare key.

But there are also instances when opening the trunk through the release located near your driver seat may work. Thus, you should be able to regain access to your keys this way.

2. Jammed trunk lock

Another reason why your trunk may be stuck is when the trunk lock itself is broken. This can be quite difficult to fix in a few minutes, which is why all you need to do is to get a locksmith to replace your broken lock. 

But once again, there may be another option to open it by accessing your trunk release located inside your car. This is, however, only possible when you are able to open your car door, as well. But if you do not have your key with you, then it is not going to work.

3. Key fob is unresponsive

Sometimes, the issue with a Honda Civic trunk not opening is when your key fob does not work at all. This is not an issue with an older vehicle since you can simply open the trunk manually. Yet, for newer models, the only way to open a trunk (or at least in a more efficient way) is to rely on your key fob.

So, if the key fob does not work, then you will not be able to open your trunk. But if you have access to your manual release button, which is found at the front portion of your car, then you should be able to open your trunk.

There is a high likelihood that this should work, but in the event that it fails to do as it should, then you need a service center or a locksmith to get your key fob fixed using the right parts and tools.

Opening The Trunk Manually

Now, if you would rather open the trunk manually since you have no access to your key fob, or there is no locksmith available to help you out, there are a few techniques you can try. 

First, you may want to locate your trunk latch, which could have been stuck because of debris and dirt. Hence, your trunk’s rubber sticks to the lid and causes it to get stuck. In this case, you will have to apply force to get it to open. But if this does not work, you can access the trunk from the inside of your car.

Use your manual release lever found on the driver’s section of your car. You can also try folding down your rear seats or even removing them to gain access to your trunk. Once you are able to do this, simply crawl into your trunk and pull the release mechanism to open it. If the lock is not broken, this should work. However, you have a damaged lock, then you will need to go to a locksmith or a service center to get it fixed first.

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When you have a Honda Civic trunk not opening, it can be quite a hassle to deal with. Fortunately, there are certain things you can do to get it fixed without the help of an expert. Yet, if these techniques won’t work, consider contacting a service center to have this addressed appropriately. 

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