Is Your Honda Civic Anti Theft Light Blinking? Here’s Why It Happens

Do you happen to notice your Honda Civic anti theft light blinking?

Your anti theft light blink is very important in ensuring the safety of your vehicle. It also helps in protecting your car from unforeseen losses and damages due to hail or even from theft. Considering how important your vehicle is, it only makes perfect sense to keep it safe at all times.

This is why you want to ensure the proper performance of your anti theft light and that it should blink correctly to avoid any problems.

But the question is, why do you notice your anti theft light blinking? Does this mean there is a problem, or is it just a normal occurrence? Find out the answer to this question as you keep reading to learn more.

honda civic anti theft light blinking

Honda Civic Anti Theft Light Blinking – Why It Happens

When you have observed that your anti theft light has been blinking, there is nothing wrong with your vehicle. It also indicates that you have an active car alarm installed for your protection. Moreover, the light automatically starts to blink once you have locked your vehicle. Or, it can also blink when you leave your car unlocked. This happens when you have your car’s ignition turned off.

But if there is a faulty switch to your car, or there is something wrong with your engine components, then it can also turn your anti theft lights in the on position. There are also a few reasons why you may have your anti theft light blinking periodically.

For instance, if the red light is blinking, it is designed to indicate security. So, when the alarm is active, it will instantly alert you when someone attempts to steal your car or even touches any portion of your vehicle while it is parked. This is a kind of emergency alarm that makes sure your vehicle stays safe and prevents it from unauthorized individuals.

Now, your light may also flash periodically to indicate that you have an engaged and active security system. When you lock your door, this should automatically engage.

In case you notice that the lights tend to blink on the dashboard and remain on, it means the system is active. But if one of the lights on the dashboard flashes and stays on, it is possible that there is an issue with the system attached to the light. Hence, you will need to check your engine light to inspect if there is a misfire happening somewhere or the oxygen sensors are still working as they should.

When the light blinking is green or blue, which is found on your dashboard, you may have an active system at the moment such as your headlights or AC system. On the other hand, an orange or yellow blinking light means your car needs to be serviced. This is why you should take it to the repair shop to get it inspected by a professional or have any relevant parts replaced as necessary.

Anti Theft Light Blinking Issues

When you notice your security light is turned on, this can mean that it is not functioning properly. This issue may show up once you turn your vehicle on. Also, when some of the doors are left open, the security system may also malfunction. This is why you need to make sure all of your doors are closed to activate the codes and make sure the security system works correctly.

Additionally, if your security remote system’s battery is running low, this can impact the system’s regular operation. This is why it can lose memory and may cause damage to the immobilizer’s chips that can negatively impact the performance of your anti theft device.

When you move your vehicle’s steering wheel after you turn it off, this may lock the wheels and will not be able to move when you switch your vehicle on. What you can do is to try to move your vehicle by pushing it in the opposite direction, so it can budge.

Furthermore, there may be some problems with your key, which affect the anti theft system’s operation. Make sure there are no damages to the parts. If the key does not work, try using a spare key. But if it is still unresponsive, then you will have to take your vehicle to the dealer and have the transmission inspected for some problems.

Now, there are some people who complain about having their theft light blinking even when the vehicle is off. If you turn the car’s ignition off, the light will flash once after each couple of seconds, which means the security system is working as it should. But if the ignition is in “run”, the light will glow for 3 seconds to let you know that it is working normally.

But if the flashing light is rapid or when there is a steady glow while you have your ignition in “run”, you will have to take your vehicle for inspection and potential servicing.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why you have your Honda Civic anti theft light blinking. It may mean that the system is active and is functioning well, but if the light blinks and yet the car does not start, it could mean that the system has been tripped. This is why you need to have the key checked. It may be that the key does not have its programming or the locks are failing to read the car key.

Or worse, you may have activated the immobilizer system by accident. But it can also be that the car battery is dead, which only needs to be either charged or replaced. 

There is also a possibility that the security password has been tampered with, which is why you would require your IDS program with the security pass. A locksmith can help you look into this or have the vehicle towed to your dealer. 

With all these things in mind, it is important to determine the actual cause of the issue, then you can take proper action to solve your concern with your anti theft light.

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