HDLP Fuse Meaning And Issues To Consider

You may be curious to know more about the HDLP fuse meaning.

Perhaps you have noticed some problems with this component, and then you are uncertain what to do about it.

In today’s article, we will discuss this topic including some of the common concerns that people have experienced with this component – and what to do about it. Let’s jump right into it.

hdlp fuse meaning

HDLP Fuse Meaning

Basically, the HDLP wash fuse refers to the headlamp wash fuse. When your vehicle washes the headlights with an automatic headlamp washer, there is a small fuse located in your engine bay, which powers your washer pump.

When there is a blown fuse, however, you will need to get it replaced. Otherwise, the headlamps will not work. As for the fuse, it is typically a 20A and the underhood fuse block is found in the engine compartment, on the left portion.

Now, some people have experienced some issues with their HDLP. For instance, there were those who dug around in their 2500HD fuse box due to an 02 sensor. Then, they located a fuse without any tabs, and this fuse was broken off. Now, if you never had that headlamp wash feature in your vehicle to begin with, it is not a problem. But it could also be a provision for higher end models, for future use.

Another person reported checking their trunk fuse box and saw their 30A fuse with the label HDLP wash. Upon checking the manual, it stated that the fuse is for their headlamp washer. But at the same time, it was missing a switch.

But the truth is that there really is no switch for this feature. In many cars that come with headlamp washers, this component tends to cycle every third or so when you run your windshield washers. So, it would be good to check your fuse boxes once more. Depending on the model and year of manufacture, you may notice a few things could be missing. Yet, the export models usually have missing options such as the rear fog lamps.

In another situation, someone who drives a Pete 384 has an issue with the headlights upon turning these on, their rocker switch lights up. However, the headlights take too long to come on. According to the issue showing up on the screen, it says it is a HDLP fault, and the lights also flicker while the vehicle is in motion.

Now, there are actually three of those fuse boxes in different locations such as the firewall, driver’s side, and under the dashboard near the door. The headlight modulator is also likely to cause the headlamps to go out complete in case one fails. 

So, it is possible the frame has a ground wire, requiring a removal of the starter for easy access. It is possible that there is a short and the unit has burned. A change of wire and fuse should fix the problem. 

In another issue, there was an HDLP fault showing up on the dashboard but after checking both pigtails and bulbs, everything appeared fine. Yet the clearance lights and headlights are both out.

Moreover, the fault only appears upon switching the high beam light on. After checking all connectors and these all appear clean and are very well intact, it begins with the low beam on the driver side starts blinking from time to time. However, it then becomes a consistent blinking with the high beam on the driver side completely gone. 

If so, then it is possible that the bulbs have very high wattage causing pigtails to melt. If you have an open circuit, the wire or bulb fails because the controller fails to sense any load. Hence, the fault shows up as active. This is the reason why the fault only shows up when you use the light.

Thus, you need to inspect inside your headlight bucket for green wires or rubs and tug on the wire. Inspect your hood hinges for damage to any exposed wires. In case you have zero to low voltage, there is a green wire located between the headlight bulb and the chassis node. You may need to have this sorted out to address the problem.


We hope this answered your questions about the HDLP fuse fault and some problems that arise, which are relevant to this component. In case you are still having persistent problems, we encourage you to visit your mechanic for a more thorough check of your vehicle to get the issue remedied best.

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