Ford Fuel Tank Selector Valve Problems You Never Knew!

Have you ever come across some Ford fuel tank selector valve problems?

Maybe you are thinking about buying a Ford, or you have finally got yourself one and are curious to learn more about some concerns with the fuel tank selector valve.

Whatever your reason is for checking out this article, we hope that this can shed some light to your concerns and identify the causes and best troubleshooting tips for you. Let’s get started.

ford fuel tank selector valve problems

Ford Fuel Tank Selector Valve Problems

Your fuel tank selector valve is connected to a level under your driver’s seat. Upon turning the lever, this sends out a warning to your selector valve and then closes one of your fuel tanks.

Ford fuel tank selector valve problems vary from one vehicle model to another. However, there are some common issues among all Ford vehicles such as the following:

  • Fuel system issues
  • Selector valve fails to work in its initial location
  • Malfunctioning selector valve
  • Fuel tank fails to close or open

Now, there are a few more concerns to keep in mind with corresponding troubleshooting techniques that you can do.

For instance, if your fuel tank is overfilled, then one tank is likely to have issues while the other one may be functioning perfectly well. This is a common concern with the fuel tank selector valve since there are 6 valves and there are many functions in returning and sending fuel.

It is also possible that you have not closed or opened the tank properly. This is one cause of a selector valve failing. With this in mind, you may only have a single fuel tank that works fine. So, what you can do is to check your fuel selector valve switch. Inspect your wires to make sure these are loose or still intact. 

And next, if you can easily do this next step, you may want to buy a small motor. Your selector valve switch may be acting up, so you should fix this by replacing it. When you have these things in place, your problem with the fuel tank selector valve should be rectified.

Now, in other instances, you may notice that your selector valve is non-responsive when you start your engine. This is an issue that mostly occurs with older Ford trucks. For example, you have purchased a second hand truck and the selector valve was previously disconnected by the owner. If so, then the front fuel tank is your best best since it is unlikely to cause firing issues to your vehicle.

Some ways to solve this problem is by first removing your selector valve. Instead of opting to choose a valve, go for check valve. But most importantly, you may want to make sure that the Ford fuel tank selector valve is still connected before you purchase the vehicle. 

Next up, you may be experiencing some fuel system issues in your truck. If you have a properly functioning front fuel tank on your dual tank vehicle, it is because you have no fuel in your rear fuel tank. Because of the switch and the rear fuel tank are both locked, gas is taken from your front fuel tank. Thus, bad fuel may be expelled.

With that being said, inspect your rear pump to see if it works fine. Your switching valve may be preventing your reservoir pump from functioning. So, if it is non-responsive, you will not be able to switch. 

Next, be sure to unplug your pump switchboard. Then, place your switchboard level in the rear position. When fixing the rear reservoir, be sure to first switch your level. 

You can also switch to your front reservoir. However, if you do not get any response, you will have to replace it.

There are also some cases of overfilling the tank with fuel. While this happens normally, it is not advisable. When you have excessive fuel, it simply flows to your front tank. What you can do is by rebuilding your selector valve and use your second alternative. You would need to replace the fuel pump and not the fuel tank.

Afterwards, you can take out the two parts of your front fuel tank including your reversing valve. 

Bottom Line

For fuel tank selector valve problems do happen, which can be an inconvenience to any owner.

In fact, some customers report having their front fuel tank leaking after their tank was full. Others are concerned about the pressure increasing and fuel leaking from their rear hull. And in another case, there are concerns with the first tank overflowing when refueling the rear tank.

With all these things in mind, it is important to determine the actual cause of the problem before you proceed to troubleshooting. There are many reasons behind the fuel tank selector valve issue with your Ford, so you should first get a proper diagnosis to arrive at a definitive solution to your concerns.

We hope this post has been helpful in resolving any issues you may be encountering with your Ford fuel tank selector valve.

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