Ford Edge Sunroof Won’t Close? Here’s Why It Happens!

When your Ford Edge sunroof won’t close, it can be a major inconvenience. 

After all, your sunroof is supposed to shield you from external elements. So, when you need to keep it closed, yet it does not seem to do what it is supposed to, you may be finding yourself in a bit of a dilemma.

So, why does this happen, anyway? Are there things you can do to fix this issue? We’ll answer these questions – and more – in this post!

ford edge sunroof won't close

Why Your Ford Edge Sunroof Won’t Close

There are instances when your sunroof may fail to close properly. Or it won’t close all the way. If this happens to you, should you be worried? And does it always involve a very expensive fix?

For the most part, your sunroof may not be closing well because of an electrical issue or some misaligned panels. There may also be mechanical problems with your sunroof, which is causing it to stick or twist, which prevents it from closing completely. 

In the case of a mechanical issue, a faulty motor may be present. Or, you may have a broken component or a loose cable. Plus, your sunroof can also break such as the rails, hinges, and gears. This broken component ends up getting stuck into your track, which prevents the mechanism from moving and closing all the way.

But in the case of an electrical problem, it may be an issue with the wires or electric motor. You may have to fix this issue with the help of an electrician or a mechanic. Certain tools are needed to identify and troubleshoot the problem such as test lights, electrical meters, and a few other pieces of equipment. 

Now, if you see that your sunroof tends to stick or pop, it is the most challenging issue to fix. You may have to lubricate your track using silicon grease, which prevents the sunroof from sticking while protecting it from premature wear and tear.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you worry about your sunroof that does not seem to close well, then you need to diagnose the issue to perform the best troubleshooting method. Then, you need a few important tools such as a multimeter and a screwdriver. Other components include cloth for cleaning out the debris and dirt from the track. 

First, you need to access the lift arms. Remove the glass from your sunroof. Your lift arms tend to follow the sunroof’s guides. So you should check the guides to make sure these are not stuck. In case they are, you will have to use your screwdriver in pushing your guides in a forward direction, which should help to close the lift arms. Upon allowing your lift arms to move well, you should then be able to replace your glass to the sunroof.

You also should try to inspect if your cables slid right into the lift arm or guides. If so, you have to take the J plate out on your sunroof, allowing you to gain access to the cable. Then, realign your cable to make sure none of its parts are in the lift arms or guides. Get a replacement J plate and then check if the arms are now moving well.

It is also important to check your sunroof motor. It must run correctly, which is possible when it gets ample power. Otherwise, the sunroof remains closed. Using a screwdriver, insert this tool into the motor’s center, right at the nylon brushing. While turning and pushing your screwdriver, this should operate your motor manually. Once you are able to close and open the sunroof manually, you can change the motor and swap it with a brand new one.

Determine if power gets into your wires and switch by using a multimeter. When there is no resistance, it means that your wiring is fine. But if there is too much resistance, it is possible that there is a short. Thus, you need to replace the wires to solve this issue.

Check for any debris or dirt on the sunroof track. If you see there’s any, then you should get rid of these to prevent the sunroof from getting stuck. It is also important that you make it a habit to clean your sunroof track regularly. But doing so, you can prevent dust and debris buildup from happening. Always remember that when you have dirt accumulation on the track, this can cause damage to your sunroof cables. This is usually very difficult – and expensive – to repair.

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Additional Pointers

ford edge sunroof won't close

Aside from these tips, you may want to check other things that can be causing your Ford Edge sunroof to not close. A blown fuse may be to blame, which is why your sunroof is stuck on open. You may want to check if the fuse is still okay; otherwise, there is a need to replace it with a new one. 

Or, you may need to reset your sunroof, especially when you have recently replaced or disconnected your battery. You can even do the reset yourself, which should be quite simple and easy to do. 

Your sunroof is used for blocking external elements from getting into your car’s interior. But when the weather is nice, you can also open the sunroof to allow the cooler or warmer air to get in.

But when you have your sunroof stuck, then it can be a problem. This is why it helps to know how to troubleshoot it depending on the cause of the issue. If it is mechanical or electrical, certain steps are involved in repairing the damage or malfunctioning issue, depending on what the cause may be.

So we hope this post on why the Ford Edge sunroof won’t close has been helpful for you. Now, you should be more familiar with what you need to do to address this damage to the sunroof and whether it is something that you can do yourself or one that requires a professional to fix it.

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