Engine Oil And Battery Light On Hyundai Elantra – Common Causes You Should Know

So, you may be wondering about the issue with engine oil and battery light on Hyundai Elantra cars. Why do these lights come on, anyway?

When you are driving and then suddenly these lights turn on, you may be worried why this happens.

There are a few reasons behind this situation, and we are here to shed some light on it – and what you can do about it. Let’s get started.

engine oil and battery light on hyundai elantra

Engine Oil And Battery Light On Hyundai Elantra

First, let’s talk about the engine oil warning light.

If you notice that the light turns on, here are some reasons why this happens.

1. Reminder for an oil change.

Sometimes, you see the engine light on simply because it is a reminder for you to get your car’s oil changed. It means that you need to have your car serviced for an oil change and the light will be reset once it has been completed.

However, if it is an oil warning light, then it is a more serious issue. In the case of a warning light, it means that your car needs to undergo maintenance immediately to prevent serious damage. The oil pressure may have dropped to a lower level and this is a dangerous thing to deal with. So, when the engine continues to run with a low oil pressure, this can cause further damage to your engine.

2. Oil pressure is low.

Another reason behind the engine light turning on is when there is low oil pressure. The moment you notice this light turn on, you should turn the engine off and not drive your car unless you have the problem fixed.

It may be inconvenient to deal with this issue but then again it is more hazardous if you continue driving when the engine is not performing well. Do take note that the oil pressure light turning on does not always mean it’s a bad thing. It could mean that the sensor needs replacement, and you should be able to carry out this task easily and cost-effectively.

3. Oil level is low.

Once the oil level in your engine plummets, it also means that there is low engine oil pressure. It is not ideal for the health of your engine. This is why you should make it a point to inspect your engine oil regularly.

Thankfully, it is not tricky to check the engine oil level. Park your car on a level ground and allow the engine to cool off before you open the hood. Next, look for your dipstick and pull it the first time and wipe it off. This way, you can get a fresh, clean reading.

Next, reinsert it then take it out again. This gives you information on how much engine oil you have. In case the oil level is very low, simply top it up with the required oil for your engine type. You can also consult your owner’s manual for the right oil type to use for your car.

4. Engine oil pump issues.

If the problem is not with the oil sensor and oil level as they appear to be normal, then one reason why the engine oil light turns on is the low oil pressure in your oil pump. This requires more specialized repair work, which your Hyundai authorized mechanic should help you with.

When you see the engine oil light come on, it is best to know the cause right away instead of continuing to drive your vehicle. It could mean a low oil pressure, low oil level, and an issue with your engine oil pump. So, you need to have the problem addressed sooner than later to prevent further damage and more expensive repairs.

Battery Light On – What Are The Causes

battery light on - what are the causes

Now, let’s talk about the battery light. When you notice the light switches on automatically, it means that certain issues are happening under the hood because of a battery problem. But at the same time, the light may come on once you start your vehicle – and this is perfectly normal.

After a few seconds, it should turn off on its own. Then, you’re in the clear.

However, if the light remains even as you are already driving, you should pay close attention since it is not normal. There may be issues happening such as power window problems or a weak battery charge. Furthermore, your stereo may not turn on, as well.

Some of the other reasons why your battery light comes on such as:

  • Alternator or voltage regulator problems
  • Faulty wiring in the electric charging system
  • Corroded or loose battery cable
  • Damaged plates or cells in the battery

Now, your battery light means there is a battery charging issue. It could be that the car is not receiving ample voltage from your battery, which is why it is not charging properly.

When you see the battery light turn on, then it could mean a few things. You may need to get your battery replaced or address some minor issues such as loose clamps or corrosion.

Begin by conducting an inspection of your vehicle. Wear your protective gloves and check for signs of corrosion. Remove covers from the battery’s terminals. Any greenish or whitish substance means that there is corrosion. It is a fairly common issue but can affect electricity conduction from your battery to the other component of the car.

Never touch corrosion without any protective gloves. This can irritate your skin.

Clean the terminals using a rag and apply some pressure to get the corrosion off. A nice scrub after removing terminal covers and disconnecting battery cables should do the trick.

Then tighten the cable clamps and make sure there is no weak connection between the cables and the battery. You can also use pliers or wrench to tighten the connection around the terminals.

Perhaps you have already checked the connections and removed corrosion, yet the battery light still stays on. If this happens, it could mean that mechanical issues are causing this problem such as a faulty voltage regulator or alternator. Systematic issues such as faulty wiring can also trigger the light to turn on.

If so, you need to have your vehicle checked further by a professional to diagnose and fix the issue the right way.

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Final Thoughts

When your engine oil and battery light turn on, this could mean so many things. Some may be due to something simple such as an oil change reminder (in the case of an engine oil light turning on) or the battery having corrosion (for a battery light that comes on).

But there can also be deeper issues involved, which is why it is important to check key areas thoroughly to avoid serious damage to your vehicle that ends up being an expensive fix.

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