Does Honda Hack Void Warranty? What You Never Knew!

A number of people often ask us – does Honda Hack void warranty? 

Perhaps you have been thinking about getting the Honda Hack to enhance some features of your vehicle. Or you may want to have access to the different functionalities that the Honda Hack has to offer.

If you are on the fence about the Honda Hack, and you want to prevent any hassles that come along the way, find out more about the effects of using the Honda Hack that you never knew. Let’s get right into it.

does honda hack void warranty

What Is A Honda Hack?

First things first, you may be wondering what exactly does the Honda Hack do.

Basically, Honda Hack allows you to install apps on the head unit and then make some tweaks to your system. You can install it straight from your head unit’s browser app, and there are no additional requirements needed.

Many Honda devices support the Honda Hack system such as the 10th Generation Civic, 5th Gen CR-V, 9th Gen Accord, 2017 Hybrid, 2016 Refresh, 2016 -2018 Ridgeline, and the 2016-2017 Pilot.

By using the Honda Hack, you should be able to root the head unit securely through the browser app. You can do this in minutes, and it also allows you to install any apps on your head unit as long as there are no compatibility issues.

To install the Honda Hack, you only need to do a few things:

  • Connect the head unit to the internet through Wifi.
  • Launch your browser app from your app list. Navigate to your vehicle’s corresponding server.
  • Select the start button and enter your authorization code
  • Wait for about 5 minutes until your Honda Hack app is installed completely on your system
  • Launch the Honda Hack from your app list. This should install the other apps, as well as make tweaks to the system

To get the Honda Hack, you need to purchase it from trusted vendors. There is the Pro version that offers many features such as :

  • Install apps from a USB stick or an online app center
  • Bypass your parking brake check
  • Restore or hide installed apps
  • Display your vehicle’s information and compass in your instrument cluster
  • Display navigation details in the instrument cluster
  • Enable your steering wheel media functions for video and music apps
  • Reduce music automatically from your audio, bluetooth, and USB apps sources when your navigation app gives out voice guidance
  • Automatic clicking of the OK button when you see the safe-driving warning show up
  • Allow the write access to your external storage when saving songs, videos, and offline maps to your USB stick
  • Prevent your apps from starting immediately
  • Enable seat belt voice alarms
  • Miscellaneous system optimization functionalities
  • And so on!

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Is A Honda Hack Worth It?

does honda hack void warranty

Although a Honda Hack has all the outstanding features you want, there are some things to note before using it. For the most part, it is possible that the app will void your warranty since you are altering the current features and functionalities that your vehicle has.

But there may be instances when you can get your dealer to honor the warranty even with the Honda Hack, especially if you are able to hide the app when you go to your dealer. Uninstalling the Honda Hack is also another option to consider, so you will not end up voiding your warranty, particularly when repairs need to be done to your vehicle.

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