Dimension Audio System Hyundai – Features, Benefits and Drawbacks

You may be wondering if the Dimension audio system Hyundai vehicles have is any good.

When it comes to audio systems, you want to make sure that your vehicle has a good one that is worth the price. After all, driving becomes more enjoyable when you have decent audio quality.

So if you are thinking about the Dimension audio system, or you are thinking about getting one for your vehicle, then it may help to check out this post to learn more about what to expect from it.

Today, we will cover the features, benefits and some drawbacks to the Dimension audio and everything else you need to know about it.

Let’s jump right into it.

dimension audio system hyundai

Dimension Audio System Hyundai Features

First of all, you may be wondering who exactly makes this audio system used in Hyundai vehicles. While it may sound like an odd question since the name Dimension is attached to it, it is not as straightforward as you think.

Perhaps you are thinking about replacing your old ones because of an issue you have come across with it. Some people complain about having their old one blow up, or present other issues throughout the course of its lifespan.

Now, if yours still comes with a warranty, then it should not be a problem for you at all. But this is not the case when your old speakers are no longer covered by warranty.  So it helps to be fully aware of what to expect from this audio system before committing to getting one.

If what you look for is even better quality with the audio, then  you may want to go for the Premium quality. What’s great about this one is the depth of audio profiles, which adds to your listening pleasure.

Many people appear to be satisfied with how their Dimension Audio systems work. However, there are also those who are displeased with the quality, that they even have the speaker blow on the passenger side. This is why they had to turn the bass down since the blown speakers are not a delight to listen to.

Others, on the other hand, prefer to listen to their music loud, although going above 10 is not pleasant to the ears. 

Overall, we can say that these speakers are relatively cheap. But you get what you pay for since they are definitely not the best. This is why you may want to factor in the upfront cost versus the actual performance of the audio system and the potential need for repair or replacement in case the speakers are blown.

Should You Get The Dimension Audio System for Hyundai

When it comes to leisure driving, we recommend keeping the volume between 8 and 12. Others may prefer to crank it up when driving on the highway but it is entirely a personal choice. 

But do keep in mind that driving your car with very loud audio is never pleasing. This also increases the risk of hearing damage, which is never ideal. Moreover, if the audio system quality is not the best, then there is no point cranking it up.

Dimension audio system is made by Hyundai Mobis. It is a massive Korean corporation that is known for manufacturing vehicle components. But audio systems are not exactly their strongest suits.

This is why you may come with the assumption that replacing your stock audio system is a notable solution. It can be a big expense when you do this but keeping your stock head unit may be a more practical solution.

There are those who came across some issues after getting the Dimension audio system. They experience a lower audio quality, although the reduced frequency power is not so bad.

As Hyundai’s in-house audio system made by Mobis, Dimension has a pretty decent quality. It is decent but nothing too striking or significantly impressive about it. But if you are content with an okay sound quality, then the Dimension audio system should suffice.

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When you are not quite an audiophile and can be content with a decent set of speakers for your vehicle, Dimension should fit the bill just fine. The music can be played reasonably loud and clear, and you can also detect decent bass quality with it. 

If you intend to do an upgrade yourself, it should not cost a whole lot of money. Perhaps, you can expect to pay about $150 to upgrade your speaker while leaving the subwoofer and then make some little tweaks with your mounting. 

However, if you want to upgrade your subwoofer, expect to pay about $120 for good quality ones. The whole upgrade work should take about 4 hours for inexperienced ones. While the entire work is not difficult, it can be a bit tedious and meticulous.

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