Chevy Mylink Touch Screen Not Working? Try These Tips!

Do you worry about your Chevy Mylink touch screen not working? 

Basically the Chevrolet Mylink is a smart and efficient multimedia system that offers entertainment and information using button controls, AV outputs and touchscreens. With this system, you can get a completely hands-free operation of various functions in your vehicle. You can also make calls and send emails hands-free.

This touchscreen is about 17 to 20 centimeters, which is located right above your vehicle’s radio. It offers mapping, entertainment and telecommunication functions from your car of your center console screen. By simply linking your device to your MyLink system, you can use your phone remotely as you drive, which allows you to focus better while on the road.

Moreover, you can customize your driving experience with the MyLink system. But there are some instances when it may fail to work as it should. Thus, we discuss these common problems and some troubleshooting techniques you can do. Here we go!

chevy mylink touch screen not working

Chevy MyLink TouchScreen Not Working

When you buy a Chevy vehicle that comes with a MyLink touchscreen, you need to first set it up to get the benefits and features that it offers.

Sometimes, the issue comes with not being able to install it properly. So, here are the steps to get started:

  • Turn your phone’s Bluetooth connection
  • On your MyLink screen, tap on the phone image and select Pair Device
  • Choose the Chevrolet MyLink in the options in your smartphone’s Bluetooth devices list that you can connect with your device
  • Type in the code that appeared on your phone and select Yes.

When you have completed these, you should be able to gain access to your phone through the MyLink touchscreen. Now, updates may be required occasionally, but the device should perform available downloads automatically. The moment you turn your vehicle on, any available software updates will be downloaded and installed instantly.

By keeping up with these upgrades, you can get the most recent directions and functionalities out of your MyLink system. Otherwise, some glitches and bugs may be experienced.

Unfortunately, there are some instances when issues with your Chevy MyLink touchscreen may come along. Here are among the common issues and what you can do about them.

1. Inability to make Bluetooth calls

There are many things that can go wrong, which impact your ability to make Bluetooth calls. For instance, there may be a problem with your entertainment system in your car or a software issue may be present in your smartphone. Thus, you should first check if your device is running a software version that is up-to-date. After updating and there are still issues with calling via Bluetooth, remove the pairing and re-link it once more.

2. Connection issues after a phone software update

Perhaps you did not have any issues before the software update, but now, you are experiencing it. If so, remove your device from the current list of Bluetooth devices you have paired in your vehicle. Do the same in your vehicle’s infotainment system. Turn the vehicle off, get off your car and close the door. After a few minutes, reboot the phone and re-link.

3. Failure to connect some gadgets automatically

When you have your car turned on, you may notice that you can only pair one device at a time. If so, this means that your vehicle usually pairs the device that has been recently paired. So, you should check the other gadgets that are not live yet and see if your vehicle is able to detect it. 

4. Unable to connect a linked device

Check your list of paired Bluetooth devices both in your vehicle and on your phone to make sure there is a working connectivity. If it shows up in your display but is currently inactive, select the automobile or device you wish to connect. You may have to delete and pair once more if the problem persists.

5. Vehicle fails to identify your device

In case your device cannot be identified, you need to reboot and reconnect to your vehicle’s Bluetooth setting. But if it still fails to work, delete and pair once more. When you pair, you start fresh by deleting your device from your vehicle and then the vehicle from your device. 

6. Inability to do Bluetooth music streaming

Not all infotainment systems support Bluetooth media streaming since some only permit Bluetooth calling. But if yours is supposed to support this function, select the media or source button and check for Bluetooth as your audio input. Hook up with an auxiliary connection or USB3 to begin playing audio from your device. 

7. Screen is unresponsive

If you have a completely unresponsive MyLink screen, you need to do a force reboot. Turn the infotainment system off and turn it back on and see if this creates a response. Simply hold the power button down for about five seconds to do a reboot.

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There are a number of reasons why your Chevy MyLink touchscreen may not be working. It could be an issue with your connection, which means you simply have to delete the pairing and re-install. But in some cases, a force reboot may be required, which you should be able to do so in very simple steps.

Either way, we hope that we were able to shed some light on the common issues and troubleshooting strategies that you can apply when you encounter this problem. After all, the Chevy MyLink is a great tool that allows you to use your smartphone hands-free to focus better on the road. Simply try some or all of the tips we have shared above and discover which one solves the problem for you.

But if the issue still persists, you may need to contact the customer support for further assistance on your concern. This may be the only way to determine why the problem occurs and what the definitive solution is to get your issue addressed once and for all.

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