Know More About Cat 3126 Engine Problems

CAT 3126 engine problems can be concerning. 

Unfortunately, the 3126 has gotten a bad reputation over the years. After all, several issues about this engine have been reported by users.

But despite these problems, the CAT 3126 remains to be a decent engine. However, when used for heavy duty applications, then you may not be quite pleased about it. On the other hand, for RV uses, and when driven conscientiously, it should not be a problem at all.

Find out more about these CAT 3126 engine problems, why these arise and some solutions for you to consider.

cat 3126 engine problems

CAT 3126 Engine Problems You Need To Know

Generally, the Car 3126 engine is made for medium or light duty uses. The engine is functional for various types of vehicles such as RVs, road trucks, ambulances, cranes, and boats.This engine is inspired by a previous design, which is the 3116. 

Now, there were some people who complained about getting bad experiences with the engines. Some of their complaints included dropped valves and cracked blocks. On the other hand, RV users hardly had any concerns with this engine at all. However, there were a few instances when the engine had to be replaced even if it was only at 69,000 miles.

So, what is the basis for these bad reviews on the CAT 3126 engine?

For the most part, there were folks who claim that the blocks were a tad weak. They also appeared to have cracked a few times and rather frequently. Dropped valves also happen to be one of the issues, and this means that the engine’s head has a valve that breaks and comes loose while at the same time smashed in between the cylinder head and the piston. 

However, Cat took care of these issues, so that solved the problem encountered by these users.

On the other hand, when it comes to marine use, the problem appears to be a bit worse. Aside from the block, there were concerns with the other parts. Many of the engines even failed more than once. 

When the engine is used in heavy duty applications, then these problems tend to happen more. Since the engine is a bit under-powered for heavy duty purposes, this means that the engine ends up breaking more frequently.

Basically, the CAT 3126 engine has a weaker block. Unlike other heavy duty diesel engines, its cylinders are not pressed in sleeves or wet sleeves. This is why once the engine gets worn out, you need to remove this component from your vehicle when it comes to rebuilding and replacing it.

Although Cat makes a sleeve kit for its engine, you should be able to replace your cylinders. However, you need to remove them first since you cannot do this in your vehicle.

Thankfully, it is not a concern for most users. Yet, you may have to get it done at 200,000 up to 300,000 miles. This may cost quite a bit steep when the time comes to rebuild your engine.

Moreover, there is the issue with the HEUI fuel system causing some erratic activities when you fail to keep the oil well-maintained. But again, this is only a minor concern. The HEUI is an improved fuel injection system that allows the computer control of your injectors. Moreover, the system uses another oil pump when boosting oil pressures to as high as 15000 or so PSI and then the high pressure oil is used as hydraulic fluid.

Afterwards, the computer will then control its high pressure oil that controls the injectors. Hence, the engine is able to run quieter and with more power. Fuel economy is also better, as well as cold starts.

But when you do not get your oil well-maintained, this could lead to issues. The injector o-ring could also fail, which then causes some fuel to get into the oil system. The good news is that it is not a common occurrence.

Since a computer controls your engine, there are instances when your computer may die. If this happens, sometimes it helps to pour some ice cold water on your ECM to get this component to work. 

With a failed ECM, you can spend about $3500 to get it fixed at CAT. You can also replace it yourself, and it should be cheaper to rebuild an ECM at only $1000. If you are planning on putting more miles on this engine, rebuilding one or buying a used ECM should be a more practical option to consider.

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There may be a few CAT 3126 engine problems, yet these are mostly minimal and not serious, especially when you use your vehicle for lightweight or medium-duty purposes. When you do encounter some problems, it would help to consider the tips we have shared above to address these concerns appropriately and get the best results you want. 

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