Car Door Wont Open From Inside – Causes And Solutions

Just when you are about to get out of the car, you notice your car door won’t open from the inside. Why does this happen?

A car door lock problem can be quite an inconvenience. There are people who worry about not being able to lock their car or get into their car. But there are those who experience the opposite – they cannot get out because they are locked inside.

If you are one of those people who comes across this problem, keep reading. We will cover the reasons why your door fails to open from the inside and what to do about it. Let’s dive right in.

car door wont open from inside

Why Your Car Door Won’t Open From Inside

Let us look into the most common reasons why your car door won’t open from the inside. Your door has a few additional components, which is much like your house door. For example, the latch sticks into the housing each time you pull your door handle. Therefore, this allows you to open your door. Then, the latch stretches once your door is shut. So, it is not possible to open it.

Moreover, there is a locking device added in, which guarantees the inability to release the latch until you unlock and open the door. There are also some doors that you can lock and unlock remotely. Some parts on the inside can move on their own. 

Wires are also used to connect to various functions such as the side mirror auto controls, door locks, window operations, and unlock buttons. With so many complications, it is good to understand well what exactly makes up your door.

So, why are you having trouble with opening your door from the inside? Here are a few reasons to consider.

1. Connection problems

When the connection between your car lock and the door latch is broken, the lock may end up getting stuck. Hence, you need to inspect your internal and external connections, as well as the door lock cylinder and interior locking switch. This will allow you to determine the issue because one of the settings mentioned tends to cause your door lock to get stuck.

2. Rust and buildup

It is also worth noting that stuck doors can be caused by rust and dust build-up. When there is rust in your door lock assembly, you may have a difficult time closing the door latch. There may also be some internal parts that are broken or worn out. So, it is good to check if this is the reason why your car door won’t open from inside.

3. Defects to the core structure.

Has your car been in an accident? Perhaps there was a recent accident that caused the door to get bent or dented, which is why the door latch is impacted. Therefore, the lock tends to become jammed as a result of this. Keep in mind that there is also the possibility of having the door latch and the door lock assembly separated because of the incident. 

Whether it was a serious collision or just a minor one, there is always the possibility of sustaining structural damage to your door. This is why it is best to have the issue addressed and fixed sooner than later.

4. Deadlock

There are some vehicles with the additional feature of having a deadlock. What this means is that you can never open your door from the inside unless you deactivate the deadlock. Moreover, you may only have to use a remote control button, so you can open your door lock. So, this is another factor to consider.

5. Door lock malfunctions

If everything appears to be fine, yet you still cannot open your door, then you may have a faulty lock. This is why you cannot open your car from the inside. But there is always a solution for this problem. You can simply use your spare lock to fix the issue.

6. Car door is broken

Now, there are instances when the problem is your car door instead of the locking mechanism. But do take note that it is not at all the same as a deadlock concern. Moreover, there are instances when your lock system may still be fine, yet you cannot open your door whether from the outside or the inside. So, this is something that would require the help of a locksmith.

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Wrap Up

There are many reasons why you may be experiencing issues with your car door not opening from the inside. For example, it could be because of a child lock that has been activated. This special feature prevents children from opening the door as you drive. This is why you need to check if this lock feature has been activated, so you can open your door from the inside. 

Now, if there is a connection problem with your door lock assembly, you may need to address this issue by checking the affected components. Sometimes, the parts tend to deteriorate as time passes by, or it could have been damaged from a previous accident.

You can try to open your window and then open the latch from the outside. Get the side panels out and lock these after the door lock assembly has been exposed. Check for components that require a reconnection and reassemble these afterwards.

If the issue is with the linkages having dust or rust, you can simply clean these parts to prevent them from getting stuck. However, you need to allot some time to make sure these components dry out well before you try to open the door. 

These are just some of the things to keep in mind when you encounter issues with your door not being able to open from the inside. As always, you can also contact a specialist such as a mechanic or a locksmith if you continue to deal with this issue to get the desired result you want.

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