Got a Volvo S40 Door Lock Problem? Why This Happens And How To Fix

A Volvo S40 door lock problem is the last thing you want to experience on a busy day.

Just when you are ready to head off to work, you realize that you cannot even open your car door! This is an inconvenience you most certainly do not want to deal with when things are hectic.

This leads you to rack your brains for the best solution for this major issue. So, why does your door lock fail, anyway? Most importantly, what can you do about it? Find out more as you keep reading this post.

volvo s40 door lock problem

Causes Of A Volvo S40 Door Lock Problem

There are a few reasons behind a door lock problem with your Volvo S40. Here they are:

1. Key FOB is broken

If you have a newer model of car, then you basically rely on your key FOB to enter your vehicle. So, if you find yourself to be having some trouble with opening your door and it stays locked, then your key FOB may need to be fixed. It is possible that you have a problem with the battery, which should be an easy fix once you get a new battery. 

However, if it has something to do with your key FOB’s internal components, then it can be a bit trickier. You will need to take your key FOB to your dealer or a specialist to get it fixed.

2. Faulty connections

Another reason why you may be experiencing a Volvo S40 door lock problem is due to faulty or damaged connections within your door lock assembly or door panel. It could be a broken link from your lock cylinder, interior locking switch or post to your car door latch. Hence, any of these issues could prevent you from unlocking your door.

The best way to tell if these are the causes of the problem is when you are able to enter through another door, yet the driver side won’t budge.

3. Jam or build up in the lock

Various elements can build up in your door lock. For instance, grime, dirt, and rust and quickly build up and cause some issues with opening your door lock. There may also be some internal parts, which have broken or fallen off, thus causing this jam.

What you can do to diagnose if this is the cause ist by inserting the key in your keyhole. If you are unable to get it all the way in, then the buildup is blocking the contact between your key and the mechanism that unlocks the door. But if you are using a key FOB, then this is unlikely to be a concern. 

4. Structural problems

This is usually more common when you have gone through a car accident. A severe slam on your trunk or door could lead to structural damage in your door lock. Hence, the latch may get disconnected or bent. 

How To Fix A Volvo S40 Door Lock Problem

how to fix a volvo s40 door lock problem

Now that you know the potential causes of a door lock issue, you can proceed to troubleshooting this issue. But first, you need to make sure that you have the right tools and techniques to go about this process.

If the problem is getting out of your door when you are already in the car, then you can try opening the other doors. However, if the issue is in getting in, then you may want to try the following steps:

  • Locate the door latch
  • Check the gap the touches the car door’s hasp
  • Insert a key or pen or any long and thin tool right into the gap
  • Push your latch in an upward motion toward your car
  • Close your door

Do take note that these are only temporary solutions since these will not thoroughly fix the problem. This is why it is possible for the problem to persist, and in that case, you need to contact a specialist to open it.

If you want to try other doors, you can also do so. But you can also try to look for the set screws for your door panel. If you can open this, then you need to check for potential partial disassembly.

Once you are able to access your door lock assembly, try to manipulate it and your interior door lock. 

Again, if these steps fail, you can also call your locksmith or mechanic to provide professional assistance to you.

Preventing Door Lock Issues

When you are able to access your car through whatever techniques we have shared, the next thing to do is to prevent this problem through maintenance tips.

It is important that you lubricate and clean your door lock to prevent any build up in the future, which can cause it to experience problems. Use a dry lubricant to prevent further build up. But you can also use a WD-40, which works just as well.

However, if the issue is corrosion, you need to prevent this by inspecting locks for any rust signs. Prevent water or any liquid from pooling in your key assembly. Wash the car regularly to prevent buildup of rust that can get worse over time.

A rust arrestor can also be applied to further prevent the spread of rust or corrosion. You may need to use a small rag or a Q-tip to apply the rust arrestor more effectively. Then, let it dry and add a layer of primer over it. This will keep the rust arrestor in place.

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Bottom Line

An issue with your door lock can be alarming and stressful to deal with. However, there are numerous solutions you can consider to get yourself out of this situation. Hopefully our tips have been helpful, so you can unlock your car door safely and securely for your ease and peace of mind.

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