Typical Cadillac ATS Problems And Some Common Solutions

There are several Cadillac ATS problems that you may find to be concerning.

For instance, the engine may appear to be vibrating, pulsating, or shaking. When these issues arise, you may need to get your engine inspected, which can cost upwards $90 and usually no expenses required for the parts.

But the price can also vary depending on your location and the extent of the damage to the engine. 

Moreover, any unusual vibrating or shaking tends to be a concern. It may be a simple issue such as old spark plugs not providing an even delivery of power. Or it may be a broken or damaged engine mount. Sometimes, it may be an internal damage to the engine. 

Whatever the cause may be, keep reading to learn more about these Cadillac ATS issues and what you can do about them.

Cadillac ATS problems

Cadillac ATS Problems You Should Know

There are many reasons why Cadillac ATS issues may occur. Among the most common causes include old spark plugs and worn wires. The hoses may also be disconnected or loose in and around the engine. This is why intermittent engine operation may occur.

Sometimes, your connections at the negative and positive battery terminals may be loose. The air filters may also be clogged up or very dirty, which is why the engine tends to underperform.

And also, the timing belts may be loose. This is why it is important to have a mechanic check and replace these worn and loose belts. When checking for an engine-mount issue, your mechanic will shift from drive to neutral and then back while running the engine. 

If these vibrations reduce drastically or disappear once in neutral, then you may require new engine mounts.

Considering how important it is to get such problems addressed whether it is due to faulty spark plugs or a malfunctioning motor mount, you need to have a professional inspect and conduct any repairs sooner than later.

Unresponsive CUE Screens 

Your CUE makes use of a capacitive type of touchscreen with multiple layers combined. These layers include a protective film, glass substrate, and sensing electronics. They are known to pull apart from each other and delaminate, which results in a screen with lots of bubbles, spider cracks and dead spots on the surface. 

When the touchscreen becomes unresponsive, there may be inconsistent, very little, or absolutely no response at all even when you touch it.

Since the radio, HVAC and a few other controls can only be accessed through this interface, it can definitely be frustrating for you to deal with this problem. 

Thus, it is important to get this addressed to ensure proper operation once more.

There are also some concerns with manufacturing and installing. A low-quality interlayer bonding is usually the cause of manufacturing errors such as excess or poor clamping force upon installation or poor cleaning and preparation of the glass surface.

In most cases, the CUE screens are still under warranty, which means they can be fixed by a simple replacement. But then again, the Integrated Center Stack may have similar defects, so it is possible for the same problems to arise in just a matter of time.

Additional Cadillac ATS Problems

When you go on some ATS forums, you may see that there are usually no issues with owners who own this vehicle. But as for the 2013 model, it is quite common to see some CUE screen issues in the initial 3 to 4 years. 

Some other common issues involve the 2-liter turbo munching pistons with excessive knocking problems or a rear differential failure due to a clog to the vent port. One possible reason for this is that earlier models come with a ring-gap defect, which is a factory concern in some earlier models. But with later models, this seems to be a less frequent issue.

Moreover, the stick-slip shudder observed in an 8-speed transmission can be resolved well with a fluid or flush replacement.

Generally, the ATS reliability is considered to be average or even above average. There are some high-tech features, yet the CUE screen problems post-warranty is a common source of unreliability.

Then, there is the issue with faulty touch screen digitizers and leaky diffs. The exhaust cam actuators and intake on the 2.0 and and 2.5 engines are not as robust. They are not exactly the most reliable, which is why the warranty has been adjusted on these parts. But the good news is that they are not very expensive and can be hassle-free to install when the need arises. 

Final Thoughts

For the most part, the Cadillac is a reliable vehicle. There are some Cadillac ATS problems to take note of, yet overall, these can be addressed appropriately with the right techniques and specialized skills. 

Moreover, if your vehicle is still under warranty, you should not have issues with having affected components replaced and repaired. It is best to get these done sooner than later to avoid further problems along the way and to eliminate the risks of serious damages over time. 

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