BMW Remote Key Not Detected? Causes And Solutions

Is your BMW remote key not detected?

Perhaps you needed to get into your car and head to your destination. But there’s one problem – your vehicle is unable to detect your remote key. Thus, you cannot lock or unlock your doors – and you may not even be able to use your car’s push-start button function.

So, when this happens, it can most certainly cause you so much inconvenience. This is why the best thing to do is to know how exactly you can fix this problem with your remote key… And fast.

If you find yourself in this situation, or you want to be proactive and avoid such a sticky scenario, keep reading to learn more about why this problem occurs and how to solve or avoid it. Let’s get started.

bmw remote key not detected

Cause of BMW Remote Key Not Detected

There are a number of reasons why you have a BMW remote key that is not detected. Here are the common ones you need to know:

  • The battery in your remote key is dead
  • The remote is broken
  • Your remote key is not programmed to your vehicle
  • You have a faulty keyless operation system
  • The battery of your remote key is low

No matter what the cause may be, it is essential to know some troubleshooting techniques to help you get through this problem and finally have access to your vehicle’s functions with your remote key. We discuss these tips in the next section.

What To Do With A BMW Remote Key Not Detected

When you encounter a situation where your BMW remote key is not detected by your vehicle, then the quickest thing to try is by using your backup key. You should have a physical key that you could use in case the remote key fails. 

Try this method when you need to unlock your vehicle or to start your engine. But at the same time, there are some instances when this option may not be available for you. This is why it can leave you stranded, which can be a big problem.

Hence, we recommend that you check your manual to know if there is a suggested backup solution when you need to start your vehicle in case you cannot use your key. Look for that hidden spot located near your steering column. You may not be able to easily find this, especially when it is in an obscure location, but it should be somewhere in your vehicle.

Additionally, you may want to press your key’s start button. There are some cars that can continue to detect even dead remote keys in times of emergencies. So, you can give this technique a try just to check if it creates a response in your vehicle. 

Sometimes, your remote key may not be responding when the weather outside is cold. One thing you can try if this is the trigger is by going indoors and warming up your remote key with your hand. The frigid temperature can oftentimes mess with any electronics.

It would even be helpful if you have another remote key. Try using this one, and if it works, then it is all good. But if the backup remote key still fails to create any favorable response, then it is most likely that the issue is with your vehicle’s operating system.

This is why if you have tried everything you could and still failed to get your vehicle working, then the last thing to do is to get your car towed and taken to a service center. The specialists should be able to diagnose the issue and could even program a new remote key for you. 

In case you need to replace your remote key’s battery, you should get the correct battery required, which is compatible with your key. Check the type of battery you need then simply purchase this to replace the old one. This is the simplest and cheapest solution if the problem is with a low battery.

However, if the key still does not work even after obtaining a fresh battery, then you would need to have the key fob replaced. You need to order a brand new key fob that is a genuine replacement key for BMW vehicles. This is important since you can be certain that the key is pre-programmed for the vehicle make and model that you have, which prevents compatibility issues. 

But do take note that even if your key has already been pre-programmed, you still need to activate it prior to usage. When it comes to activating your remote key for a BMW, hold the key flat right up against the indicator for the low key battery, located on the side portion of your steering column. 

Then, press and hold your start and stop button, and wait for the no key warning signal to disappear. Confirm the activation by pressing and holding your start and stop button. 

But in the unfortunate situation that this technique still does not bring any results, you will have to take your old remote key out of the signal range, so you can eliminate interference as you activate the new key. Unlock your vehicle with the old key then have another person take it to some distances from your car. Place your new remote key on the steering column and then press and hold the start and stop button. 

These techniques are only applicable for activating a brand new remote key from an authorized dealer of BMW vehicles or a third party reseller. But if you have an old remote key and wish to activate it, these tips may not work. So, it is important to keep this in mind and do the best option available for your particular situation.

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Bottom Line

There are many causes for a BMW remote key not detected. So, it is best to consider the particular reason why your key is not working and try the troubleshooting techniques we have shared to solve your issue.

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