Blind Spot Alert Unavailable Service Required – Should You Be Worried?

Perhaps you are driving your vehicle only to notice the message come on – blind spot alert unavailable service.

This can leave you panicking and wondering what could be wrong with your vehicle. Moreover, you may be thinking if it is safer to simply stop driving.

Now, before you overburden yourself with so many thoughts, consider reading this post to get some clarity about this situation. Find out what this message really means and whether it is a serious problem to be concerned about. Let’s get started.

blind spot alert unavailable service required

What Blind Spot Alert Unavailable Service Required Means

First of all, the blind spot alert unavailable service required means that your sensors are unable to identify objects in your blind spot. This usually happens because of a sensor failure, which arises once some obstructions are present. Among these include corrosion and dirt. It is also possible that the sensor has a low battery or it is not mounted properly.

Your blind spot detection system has some sensors. These are installed on either side of your vehicle. When the sensors fail, then the entire sensing system fails. Thus, you are not able to get any warning when you are getting close to an object in your blind spot.

There are a few reasons why you may notice the message saying “blind spot alert unavailable service required.” Here they are:

1. Dirt

This is among the main reasons why the blind spot detection fails. There are sensors on the rear bumper’s left and right portions. What the sensors do is they monitor objects present in the blind spot while you are driving the vehicle.

When there is dirt covering the rear bumper, or perhaps even the sensors, then the system will not be able to detect objects. Some of the most common obstructions in your sensor include snow, ice, dirt, or mud. Therefore, it can get quite tricky to navigate in your blind spot if you heavily rely on this system.

It is also possible for heavy rainstorms to block your sensor. As a result, the blind spot detection system tends to malfunction.

2. Corrosion

Aside from dirt, corrosion can cause failure to the blind spot detection system. When you wash your vehicle, water may get into the crucial internal components. Over time, this can result in corrosion. 

In other instances, you may have driven through a flooded area. The flood water gets into the sensors, creates moisture, and leads to corrosion as time passes by. There may also be a possibility of road salt getting into the sensors. This is equally bad for your sensors, which can result in a malfunction of the system.

Corrosion usually leads to voltage, while at the same time resulting in the degradation of the current flow. Therefore, your sensors may stall when it is supposed to be working. As the sensors completely fail, the blind spot detection warning shows up on your dashboard whenever you start the vehicle.

3. Rear-end collision

Were you involved in a rear-end collision in the past? If so, this can also cause damage to your sensors. In fact, even if it is just a slight rear impact to your bumper, it can cause damage to your sensors. When your sensor or both sensors start to fail, the blind spot detection system can also malfunction over time.

4. Low battery issue

Your blind spot detection system relies on the battery to function. It is, after all, an electrical component. Thus, if the battery is low on power or has failed entirely, there will be no electrical power sent out to the sensor. As power loss happens, the sensor may break down temporarily. So, if this is the cause of the malfunction, you simply need to change your batter.

5. Mounting problem

Perhaps you have a misaligned sensor, which can be causing a failure of your blind spot detection system. The required mounting angle is at 45 degrees – and it is not supposed to be on the side or the rear of your vehicle. So, unless the unit is mounted perfectly at a specific angle, it will not work right.

Additionally, there may be damage to the brackets, tabs, and mounts, which can equally cause failure to the sensor. 

With all these things in mind, let us explore possible solutions to the blind spot alert unavailable service required issue.

First, if it is caused by dirt, you simply need to clean the dirt or any obstruction off of the rear bumper. But instead of using water, you should use detail spray and wipe it down with microfiber cloth. Wipe the sensors gently and be sure all the debris is gone.

In the case of a battery problem, you need to either recharge or replace your battery. Once power has been restored to the battery, this will also reactivate your sensor. 

But if the issue is with a misaligned sensor, then you just need to recalibrate it. Mount the sensors properly, so they can do the job well. If you are unable to do this yourself, it is always a practical decision to consult an expert to do this for you.

When you replace your sensor, you need to recalibrate it. Otherwise, it will not work as expected. But if in the worst case scenario the sensor is completely broken, having it replaced is your only option. It should cost about $50 to get it fixed but as much as $1500 to replace it. So, if you can begin with the cheapest solution, do so. It may only need some cleaning to start doing the job right.

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Final Word

A blind spot alert unavailable service required can be a nuisance. It makes you worry about your vehicle’s performance, and you may have some difficulties dealing with objects in your blind spot. With this in mind, be sure to check what may be causing the problem and the right solution to get it fixed correctly.

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