Acura Emission System Problem – Causes And Fixes

An Acura emission system problem can be a major concern. After all, your emission system needs to be functioning fine, so you will not run the risk of getting penalized.

When you have a faulty emission system, then you may end up failing the emissions test. Hence, there is a chance for you to pay some fines. Or worse, your car may even be impounded because of such.

With all these things in mind, it is worth learning more about the common causes and some solutions you can do when there is an Acura emission system problem. Keep reading to learn more about it. 

acura emission system problem

Key Facts About The Acura Emission System

Before we look into this Acura emission system problem, let us first discuss the fuel evaporative system that is a crucial component of your emissions system. This helps you to understand why a problem may occur and what can be done about it.

Basically, the fuel evaporative system captures the gasoline vapors and recirculates these from your fuel tank. Afterwards, these are burned in your engine. Thus, it minimizes emissions. Open and closed EVAP systems vary in the way they function. 

With the open system, vapors are released to the air. On the other hand, the closed system keeps the vapor trapped in the charcoal canister and gets burned later on.

Your EVAP comes with a few key components such as the charcoal canister, purge valve, and your fuel tank. Upon starting the vehicle, your engine takes air in from the atmosphere, and this passes through your purge valve and gets into your fuel tank.

Keep in mind that your purge valve has a one-way operation – it lets air get into your tank but cannot escape. This helps to contain the harmful vapors so these do not escape from your tank and pollute the air. 

Next, air that passes through your fuel tank will then pick up the gasoline vapor instead of being lost. This then gets into your charcoal canister filled with some activated carbon pellets. The vapors remain in this canister through some kind of a chemical adhesive. They are stored in this area until a diagnostic test is run on your EVAP system, which is done annually to make sure it functions well.

Acura Emission System Problem

acura emission system problem

Now, there are some people who experience an issue with their Acura emission system. And the odd thing is that after getting this message, another one comes along that mentions a fuel cap problem. 

So, when you notice a message that states “tighten fuel cap”, that simply means that your fuel cap is loose. This is why you need to tighten it, otherwise, this causes an issue with your engine, as well as reduce your fuel economy.

When it comes to tightening your fuel cap, the best thing to do is to first determine your car’s actual make and model. There are some fuel caps that you can easily tighten manually and without the help of an expert. However, you should check your manual first to know more about the instructions involved with it. 

If you fail to tighten your Acura’s fuel cap, there are some issues that may occur. For instance, the engine will have some problems including stalling or rough idling when you are driving. This also has a huge impact on your fuel economy. 

There are many automobile manufacturers that issue recalls on some of their cars because of issues with the fuel caps. This is why it is also good to check for yourself if your particular Acura model is not included in the recalled vehicles. A quick search online is all you need to do about it.

Now, if you are looking to replace the fuel cap, you may very well do so. This is what you need to do when you are unable to successfully tighten your Acura’s fuel cap. By doing so, you can reduce the risks to your engine and fuel consumption.

Overall, you need to check regularly if the fuel cap is tight by performing some regular checks to your vehicle. This will also allow you to prevent some issues while making sure that your engine is in good running condition while at the same time minimizing emissions. You can also prevent some serious injuries that may occur when your fuel cap is loose such as an explosion or fire. 

Additional Pointers

An Acura emission system problem may occur because of a faulty or loose fuel cap. But it can also be triggered by debris or dirt in your fuel system. For instance, your fuel filter may be clogged or your fuel pump has damage.

Just as with condensation or water, it is very critical to have this problem resolved sooner than later. This is why you need to take your vehicle to a specialist to get it inspected and have some repairs done as necessary. 

When you have a check emission system notification, you need to get the problem checked out immediately. There are many problems that can arise from this, which you can easily prevent by having the issue resolved instead of ignoring it. 

It is also paramount to your vehicle’s performance that regular maintenance and checks are done. Check your gas cap, make sure the air filters are not clogged, and be sure your sensors are still working well. All of these things can significantly improve the performance of your vehicle while at the same time prolonging its lifespan.

Bottom Line

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, so does this also apply when it comes to your vehicle. If you notice an issue with your vehicle’s emission system, make it a point to take action right away so you can prevent further issues that will incur more expensive repairs and longer downtime for you.

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