850RE Vs 8HP75 Side By Side Comparison

In our 850RE vs 8HP75 comparison, we bring to you a comprehensive look at how these two components differ and what they are better used for.

If you are looking for the right engine for your needs, consider checking out our comparison in this post.

Find out more about these two and figure out which one is more suitable for the specifications you have in mind. Let’s get right into it!

850re vs 8hp75

850RE Vs 8HP75 – Know the Difference

We have been asked quite too often about the difference between the 850RE and the 8HP75. After all, you want to make sure you have the best one for your vehicle.

Basically, the 8HP75 is manufactured by the company ZF Friedrichshafen, and this 8-speed automatic transmission has been designed to be used in Jeep Wranglers. As for the 850RE, it was also made by the same manufacturer and also has an 8-speed system. But there is more than what meets the eye. 

For example, there is a noticeably higher redline to the 850RE, and this is why you can rev it higher and expect more power. On the other hand, there is a higher compression ratio to the 8HP75, and this results in more torque and power.

Now, as for the power, the best way to determine which one has more power is by looking into the torque output. The torque refers to the amount of force your engine can generate, which is needed for turning a shaft. Furthermore, this is a measure of the amount of work your engine is capable of doing at a given time.

Aside from torque, you should also consider the displacement, or the total air volume your engine is capable of moving at a specific time. This is usually measured in liters – when you have a large displacement, this means that your engine is more powerful, too.

Then, we take a look at the fuel efficiency of the 850RE and the 8HP75. There are a few factors that impact the engine’s fuel efficiency such as the design, weight, size, and the fuel type used. When you have a gasoline engine, you can expect it to have better fuel efficiency than a diesel engine. Then there is also the fact that eight-cylinder engines are not as fuel-efficient as your four-cylinder engines.

Generally, the smaller the size and the lighter the weight of the engine, the more fuel-efficient it is. This is why both the 850RE and the 8HP75 are not as fuel efficient as other engines with a much lighter weight and a smaller size. 

You also need to consider the lifespan and the ease of maintenance of the engine. No matter what type of engine you have, unless you keep it well-maintained and serviced regularly, you cannot expect it to last a long time. So, it all depends on the work you do to keep your engine in top condition on a regular basis.

Which Is Best – The 850RE or 8HP75?

Primarily, the 850RE is an older model of transmission while the 8HP75 is newer. With this being said, there are more improvements incorporated to the 8HP75, which includes quicker acceleration, smoother shifting, and better fuel efficiency. So, if you are in the market for a brand new transmission that ticks all the boxes, you cannot go wrong with the 8HP75.

Now, if you need a better engine for the Wrangler, this all depends on a few factors. You need to consider your personal preferences and the usage you have in mind. But we can say that the 850RE has been used in the Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger and the Chrysler 300, as well as the Jeep Grand Cherokee. In terms of reliability, there is no issue to worry about, as long as you keep it well-maintained.

But there are some common problems to consider such as some hesitation when shifting gears and jerking. Various causes can be attributed to this including low or contaminated transmission fluid, and an issue with your transmission control module. This is why if you are having concerns with it, you need to bring your vehicle to a specialist to have the problem addressed sooner than later.

Final Thoughts

When you need a vehicle that will satisfy your desire for off-road driving and more challenging driving conditions, then the Jeep Wrangler should fit the bill. As for the engines available for these qualifications, you have the 8HP75 and the 850RE to consider. These are both designed to provide a superb driving experience although there are most definitely differences between the two.

If you search for more power for your engine, higher top speed and more torque, then the 850RE is hands down a great choice. You can count on this engine if you want to push your vehicle to the limit.

But do keep in mind that the 850RE is more high-priced, which is why a more affordable option is the 8HP75. It is not only reasonably-priced but the ride is also smoother and the fuel economy is better. So, you can expect to enjoy the best ride possible but at the same time keeping your budget to a minimum. 

The 8HP75 offers a more relaxed driving experience while the 850RE is for more intense drives. The choice very well depends on your preference and specifications for the kind of driving you have in mind. Both of these engines perform quite well and can deliver according to what you need. 

But it all boils down on the price point, which one has more torque output and power, and which engine can deliver greater fuel efficiency. Otherwise, they are both excellent options for a pleasurable ride that you can get from your Jeep Wrangler or other vehicle using either one of the engines. We hope this has been helpful in shedding some light to these engines and which one is best for the specifications you have in mind.

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